Pima County Deputy Involved In Fatal Shooting, Homicide

Thursday night, just before midnight, Pima County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 8800 block of South Alice Vail Lane for a report of an unknown problem.

The scene is located about halfway between Ryan field and Three Points in a cluster of homes 1 mile south of the Ajo highway 86.

The person calling 9-1-1 was 56-year-old Brenda Doucette. She reported her brother, 55-year-old Chancy Chamblee, had a gun and broke into the residence through a window. When deputies arrived, they made contact with Mr. Chamblee who was still inside the home. During that initial contact a deputy fired at Mr. Chamblee, fatally wounding him.

Deputies found Ms. Doucette inside the home with signs of trauma. She was pronounced dead on scene.

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  1. i believe the Sheriff shoot both of them. they have not told the truth. one story states doucette was dead upon arrival,then they say she died on scene. so I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW A DEAD PERSON CAN SIT INDIAN STYLE ON THE FLOOR? Not only that when was it okay to open fire on someone when they said there was other people in the home. The truth is there was nobody else in the home!!!

  2. Everyone needs to get their story correct before anything gets published due to this isn’t correct. How could Doucette be sitting Indian style facing Chamblee when she was in kitchen and Chamblee was in dining room. Plus they stated they didn’t know if Chamblee was armed or not how did deputy shoot through a 4×12 inch window.if they would have done their job on Thursday maybe two people would be alive today

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