Tucson Piss And Vinegar: Sunday’s Comic

Kozachik Relieves Himself, Double Standard Intact

On March 22, the chief of staff of Tucson city councilman, Paul Cunningham, was arrested after being verbally abusive to…

Supreme Court Rules Arizona Wins Gun Battle With Tucson

On Thursday the Arizona Supreme Court found that the gun policies adopted by the City of Tucson are of statewide concern and the “State may constitutionally prohibit a City’s practice, prescribed by local ordinance, of destroying firearms that the City obtains through forfeiture or as unclaimed property.”

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“The primary issue we address here is whether the state may constitutionally prohibit a city’s practice, prescribed by local ordinance, of destroying firearms that the city obtains through forfeiture or as unclaimed property. We conclude that a generally applicable state statute on this subject controls over a conflicting municipal ordinance, that the legislature may require the Attorney General to investigate and file a special action in this Court regarding alleged violations of the state law, and that this Court has mandatory jurisdiction to resolve whether the allegedly conflicting ordinance violates state law. Applying those principles here, we accept jurisdiction of the State’s special action and hold, in accordance with article 13, section 2 of the Arizona Constitution, that A.R.S. §§ 12-945(B) and 13-3108(F) supersede Tucson Code § 2-142,” wrote Justice Pelander for the Court.

The Court awarded the State court fees.

“The Court rejected all of Tucson’s constitutional arguments related to their illegal gun destruction ordinance. This is a victory for the rule of law and Second Amendment rights,” stated Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

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Supreme Court Rules Arizona Wins Gun Battle With Tucson — click here

4 Comments on "Tucson Piss And Vinegar: Sunday’s Comic"

  1. The Oracle of Tucson | August 20, 2017 at 12:25 am |

    This clown has been “conflicted” ever since he stepped off the UFO and landed in local politics.
    First he was a failed republican, then he emerged from his cocoon of conscious as a failed democrat, perhaps if re-elected he’ll morph into an independent or libertarian next.
    Perhaps he fancies himself as “Klaatu” bringing gun free zone peace to the inhabitants of the kingdom of Tucson, he’s cost the city million$ in lost revenue with his anti gun hysteria, from banning gun sales to gun shows, and keeping with his never ending parade of stupid, having the taxpayers pick up the tab for his latest civics lesson where the AZ AG tutored him in civics, where he suddenly learned that state laws supersedes illegal feel good city policies.
    Bye Steve, it’s past time you left…

    The Oracle

  2. Steve is the poster child for failed city/county governments. But then I could say Huckelberry, Bronson, Elias, Romero, Cunningham, Rothschild, and the rest are as ignorant as little Steevie. None have a clue how to run a city and what you get are high taxes, failing infrastructure and the crony system. But at least the other idiots in city and county government didn’t get caught pissing on a wall in public now did they?

  3. No they are just pissing on the taxpayers!

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