Mr. Martin’s Neighborhood: Sunday’s Comic

Hmmmm… Doug Martin – the faux Mr. Rogers of Tucson called for President Trump to “repent or resign,” later he denied he said it…. that could be true… maybe he never said it, but he did write it…..

Doug Martin: President Trump should repent or resign
By Doug Martin Special to the Arizona Daily Star

I am shocked and disappointed by what President Trump said at the press conference Tuesday. He should have stuck to the script and stood by what he said the day before. There is no equivalency between the Nazi white supremacists in Charlottesville and the counter-protesters, which he implied.

Folks supported him because he wasn’t a politician, not understanding that part of being a politician is to weigh your words (and tweets) wisely. Pastor Scott Richards, of Calvary Christian Fellowship, used to say “Emotions are a great slave, but a terrible master.” When we run on our emotions and speak (or tweet) before we think, we aren’t being wise.

When Trump was elected, many of us voted for him reluctantly because we wanted to stop the march of “progressive” socialism, and there were only two choices……

However, if he isn’t able to change and mature in wisdom and demeanor, it would be better for the country if he resigned.

Doug Martin is president and general manager of Good News Radio Broadcasting, which operates several radio stations in the area, including KVOI (1030 AM), KGMS (940 AM) and KLTU (88.1 FM).