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Center For Biological Diversity Lied About Gender Of Jaguar

Contrary to a news release from a Tucson-based group, Center for Biological Diversity, biologists from the Arizona Game and Fish Department and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determined that a jaguar recently captured on a trail video camera in the Chiricahua Mountains is a male.

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“This Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) footage confirms that this is a jaguar we’ve seen before, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has photographic proof that this animal is unequivocally male,” said Jim deVos, assistant director for Wildlife Management at AZGFD. “We promptly informed the organization when the news release was issued that there is clear anatomical evidence of this jaguar’s gender.”

The news release quotes CBD employee Randy Seraglio as saying, “The really exciting part of all this is that we don’t know yet what sex (it) is,” and it refers to “The possibility that it may be a female… capable of jump-starting jaguar recovery in the region.”

A story in the Friday edition of the Arizona Daily Star says that Arizona Game and Fish Biologist Tim Snow informed Seraglio of the cat’s gender on Thursday morning as soon as their news release was made public, but CBD has yet to correct the release on their website.

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  1. Like most employees of the Center for Biological Diversity, Mr. Seraglio does not have the professional credentials to make any statements with regarding the sex of this or any other jaguar. As an advocate, his job is to promote the Center for Biological Diversity’s agenda and fundraising.

    More than 30% of the Center for Biological Diversity’s staff are lawyers, whose job is to file thousands of bogus lawsuits that costs Americans million of dollars of loss productivity, annually. 38.8% of the staff are involved in disseminating their propaganda, promoting their radical agenda and fundraising. The staff who have scientific degrees (less than 8%) do not conduct research. They are mainly used to support their legal staff.

  2. This is Absolutely the funniest cartoon with so many messages. It just made me laugh outloud.

    I wonder when we will hear from the transgender crowd muchless the supporters of liberal lying.

  3. Well, well now, do you think Suckling will file a lawsuit against AZ Game/Fish for making a fool out of him and his organization? If there is any way possible they will just to get more taxpayer money to support their fake science theories. The CBD is one organization that would not be missed if it just left. But then what would the liberal enviros have to rally around and get their lies and fake science from?

  4. As greedy whores the CBD is only interested in collection$, from is agenda driven narrative, not corrections from its fairy take lies.
    Can we even trust the CBD far enough to believe that the trail cam was even in the Chiricahua Mountains or for that matter even inside the US?
    This weeks break from reality by the self proclaimed “experts” over at the CBD have only unmasked the CBD actions to be little more then false alarm lies from the agenda driven leftwing wacko environmental hacks at the CBD who sadly care less about animal diversity over court clogging property rights suppression litigation to protect phantom sightings of imaginary objects.

    The Oracle

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