McCain Honored With Liberty Medal, Lashes Out At Constituents

Sen. John McCain lashes out at constituents while receiving the Liberty Medal.

On Monday night, Arizona Senator John McCain received the National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal. McCain joins a diverse list of winners including both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

McCain, who was rightly honored for his sacrifices, was awarded the medal by former Vice President Joe Biden for a “lifetime of sacrifice and service” to the United States. Biden praised McCain for his “courage and loyalty.”

Yet, according to his critics, he used the opportunity to show anything but courage and loyalty. Instead, they say, he used the opportunity to justify a foreign policy that feeds the military industrial complex while it starves the middle-class of opportunity, and does little for starving masses abroad.

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His critics say he used the opportunity to glorify his “hawkish” policies have led to the rise of ISIS and the number of amputees returning home from lands that have little to offer the U.S. but a dangerous reliance of foreign oil.

In his speech, he spoke of the blood of patriots, but veterans say he has done little about the blood of patriots spilled on the floors of VA hospitals across the country for years due to corruption and congressional inaction. The worst abuses have occurred in VA hospitals, in the state he represents.

While he receives the very best care from the Mayo Clinic, his fellow veterans struggle getting even the most basic care. Many of them have made the same sacrifices as he, but they have been nothing more to him than pawns in his war games.

“With all our flaws, all our mistakes, with all the frailties of human nature as much on display as our virtues, with all the rancor and anger of our politics, we are blessed,” said McCain. Critics argue that no one has done more to ramp up the rancor and anger than the angry, bitter McCain. Arizonans have learned firsthand, at too many carefully crafted town halls, the cost of asking McCain the hard questions.

Rather than show his courage by addressing the hard questions, he launches into attacks using epithets like “stupid.” McCain cowardly casts dispersions and a stifling shadow over members of the party to which he belongs.

Rather than offer solutions McCain used the opportunity once again to bash the very little people across the globe he claims to serve. “To fear the world we’ve organized and led for 3/4s of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last, best hope of earth, for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism, cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.”

Half-baked spurious nationalism. Those people “who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems.”

McCain is talking about the very same people, who year after year, put their own needs aside to elect a man who told them that he needed their support to save the country and those other people yearning for democracy abroad. McCain has never promised anything to the residents of Arizona. He has rarely bothered. So his voters weren’t stupid; they made a conscious decision to put aside their own hopes and dreams for the greater good.

When McCain found himself in a weaken position and facing a primary challenge, he promised Arizonans a border wall and a repeal and replace of Obamacare. No one in their right mind believed McCain’s promises. They ignored the electioneering and believed only in his commitment to prevent a nuclear holocaust. By virtually any reasonable standard that is enough. By virtually any standard, those people are reasonable, not contemptable.

In his failed presidential run, the American people were more comfortable with McCain’s brand of crony capitalism than Obama’s brand of crony capitalism. The game changer was that Obama offered hope too. The truth is that nearly every vote cast for McCain was cast out of fear not with hope.

To this day, Americans are still more hopeful than filled with fear. It is that hope that Bernie and Trump spoke to.

A lot of us wanted Bernie, a lot of us wanted Trump. Every vote for either man was a rejection of a corrupt system created and bolstered by too many of those who have been honored with the Liberty Medal.

Senator McCain brags with false modesty that he was, “knowingly or not, along for the ride as America made the future better than the past.”

Better than the past. For who? For our kids, who are drowning in college loan debt? For the thousands of Arizonans that have lost their health insurance? For the members of Arizona’s middle-class who have seen their jobs sent overseas or down south? For the ranchers and farmers who have Mexican sewage pouring into their grazing land?

Senator McCain concludes, “With all its suffering and dangers, the world still looks to the example and leadership of America to become, another, better place. What greater cause could anyone ever serve.”


What would that better place look like though? It would look like Dallas after Hurricane, when people from different backgrounds of every race and ethnicity linked arms to reach an elderly man trapped in his flooded truck. It would have looked like the Gofundme page where perfect strangers contributed money for the burial of a Navajo Nation Code Talker. Through the masses of ordinary people doing the extraordinary every day, you could barely spot the gated compounds like McCain’s nestled in the red rock hills of northern Arizona. The gated compounds of the “fearless” leaders are too few and too far between to really matter to average residents, who with exceptional ingenuity find detours and work-arounds, as they navigate a path to prosperity.

That better place would be occupied by occupiers and hobbits. Occupiers, who know something is wrong, or everything is. Hobbits, who live on fixed incomes, and cower every time another tax is imposed that will eventually force them out of their little homes in order fund one more F-35. (For those who don’t know, hobbit is the term McCain used to describe his constituents in one of his predictably abusive rants.)

That better place would have replaceable tyrants like McCain. That better place would have people who put aside their own needs for the greater good. Many of us believe that other better places can exist. In fact, we are willing to sacrifice so that they can exist. McCain’s seniority in the Senate proves that.

That better place would be filled with critical constituents, who know that discretion is the better part of valor, so they show respect and hold their tongues, while their fading leaders lash out one last time in anger and egotism.

The people in that better place would have a leader, who would stand up for them and condemn the tirades of tired tyrants and “fight back.”

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  1. David Thompson | October 19, 2017 at 4:38 pm |

    This is a long overdue piece. John McCain is about only John McCain. He forced me to change my registration from republican.

    • That makes two of us. Let’s face it, John Boy got his award for kissing up to Democrats! How did he ever get reelected? I think a lot of his Democrat buddies voted for him. He has never represented the people of AZ. He has only represented himself. We need an article V convention. Term limits now! Repeal the XVII amendment!

  2. McCain – go home if you know where that is…

  3. It’s funny that McCain gets an award. It’s not from the citizens of Arizona!

  4. Little Johnnie Mc is an absolute disgrace and one of the 100 reason’s that the senate is a POS. He is as arrogant as they get and does everything possible in his power to screw the people of this country let alone the State of Arizona. John, you might be as war hero and all and thank you for your service but you are a SENILE old man that is so bitter it is pathetic. Please resign and go to Sedona and live out your last days in peace. I know I would really appreciate that.

  5. Working Man Blues | October 20, 2017 at 5:43 am |

    McCan has outlived his usefulness in the senate. As I have said before. I respect his service to this country while in uniform. He has not and does not represent me or his constituents in arizona. Please John. Resign from your office while you still have any wits left about you. Surely you and your family all know this.

  6. The Evil One | October 20, 2017 at 6:10 am |

    Once a Democrat, always a Democrat.

  7. Hoi Polloi Boy | October 20, 2017 at 7:31 am |

    He’s going downhill fast. I hope he’s interred in Arizona so I don’t have to travel far to **** on his grave.

  8. Democrats throw him a bone in the form of the worthless Liberty Medal for his continued support of the progressive movement. Meanwhile, in the real world The Saddlebrook Republican Club officially censures Johnny for his RINO voting record. Go home, take care of your health, take care of your family, and leave conservative politics to those that are truly conservative.

  9. John McCain is an embarrassment to his constituents and worries more about the US being a globalist country while his constituents go jobless he supports illegals and giving them amnesty. Let’s send Johhnyboy a message and send Kelli Ward of Jeff Dewitt to Washington to tell him to get F**ked that the people are sick of him and his constant lies.

    • If Jeff Dewitt doesn`t run, a Democrat will take the Senate seat because I can`t imagine Ward beating any viable candidate and if push comes to shove and Flake wins the nomination, no conservative will vote for Flake after the hate he throws at us for electing President Trump.

      • Then if conservatives stay at home then they have no right to gripe about a Democrat sitting in Flake’s seat since they were sulking because they didn’t want a particular candidate. One of my favorite authors once wrote:

        If you live in.a society that votes then do so. There may not be anything on the ballot you are for but there will always be something that you are again. I don’t know about you Luke but I am against any Democrat and will vote against them even if I have to vote for the Flakester again. It is stupid not to vote.

        Remember you get the government you deserve and deserve the government you get and if you stay home then you definitely get what you deserve.

        • If I believed Senator Flake were not as bad as a Democrat I would agree with you but he has proved otherwise, going so far as joining the Democrats in smearing ALL REPUBLICANS as anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim and more. If you doubt this, read his book Conscience of a Conservative.
          Secondly, we will not end the RHINO`s using and abusing voters until we are willing to stop them any way we can within our political system. You may be able to vote for a guy who smears and slanders you and our fellow Republicans but I never will.

  10. here is our little Napoleon Dynamite in action.

    What an angry little open borders man. Get out Johnny boy.

  11. McCain considers a secure borders a half baked spurious form of nationalism because he prefers open borders, but rather than having an open debate on the subject, he spews hate at those who disagree with him. What has he done to secure the blessings of liberty for people the world over, the reason for giving the award? Can anyone come us with a plausible reason?

  12. Mike Putfus | October 20, 2017 at 1:11 pm |

    Sen. McCain you should have retired before you ran for President, and lost. Do all of us a big fav., and retire now before you get voted out.

    • The Oracle of Tucson | October 20, 2017 at 5:16 pm |

      God will recall this angry looney RINO POS soon enough, then Douchey can appoint DeWitt to fill the seat and right the ship.

      The Oracle

      • I think you’re wrong there Oracle, I think Douchey will resign so he can be appointed to the seat. He’s has Senatorial aspriations

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