Identity Politics Blunder By Head Of Teachers Union Causes Stir

This weekend Arizona politicos watched in awe as the head of the Arizona Education Association, Joe Thomas, claimed in a tweet that the GOP opposes Congresswoman Martha McSally’s possible entry into the U.S. Senate because she’s a woman.

Constantin Querard responded quickly to Thomas’ tweet. Querard, who has been described as “one of the architects of conservative control of the Arizona Legislature,” reminded Thomas that Arizona has the highest number of female legislators in the country.

Despite the fact that Thomas spends a lot of his time at the Arizona State Capitol, Querard pointed out in a pic that Republican women currently hold some of the most powerful positions in the state:

Rep. Kelly Townsend is the House Whip
Sen. Kimberly Yee is the Senate Majority Leader
Sen. Debbie Lesko is Senate Pro Tem
Sen. Gail Griffin is the Senate Whip
Michele Reagan is the Secretary of State, and
Diane Douglas is the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Querard made a point of reminding Thomas that Dr. Kelli Ward is currently the frontrunner in the U.S. Senate Republican Primary race.

In an interview on the James T Harris show Querard discussed Thomas’ identity politics blunder.

“He kind of wandered into an exchange I was having,” said Querard referring to Thomas, “because I put out the fact that there was a lot of conservative opposition to Martha McSally running for Senate, there are a number of reasons for that and an Arizona Republic – sort of liberal columnist – asked me why would the conservatives oppose her.”

“Thomas chimed in and then said it was because she’s a woman. Really? That doesn’t make sense because McSally would be running against Ward “who is also 100 percent woman. I assume he’s down at the Capital a lot and has had to see that the number of Republican women he runs into there, who are conservatives. So I couldn’t really tell if he was saying Republicans don’t like women, or conservatives don’t like women, or what is angle was. I think once it started it sort of snowballed and he started tap dancing to get out of it,” said Querard with a laugh.

“It’s that whole phony deal; that it is about gender when it is clearly not,” said Querard.


  1. How’s Martha’s teeth and smile – perhaps a measure of her elect ability not closely enough examined

  2. the one common element I notice from these photo’s.. great dentists all – nice smile’s ; paid for in full? A smart look’n bunch of gals.

  3. It was an incredibly stupid comment from someone who up to that point was accepted as “normal”.
    Sadly Joe Thomas has a lot of explaining to do, and will never be trusted again to speak in public.
    Words defy his logic in making such a stupid comment, so it’ll be “interesting” to hear his explanation.

    The Oracle

    • his comment wasn’t a big deal, he just thinks a man has a better chance of being elected than a woman… it’s his to think that if he wish’s – since he’s published that thought – he now has to make cookies with those ladies in the kitchen ; just might get burned.

      • Given that we have had more women Governors than men lately, why would a man have a better chance than a woman to get elected to office in AZ?

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