World View Explosion Rocks Buildings A Mile Away

An explosion at the World View balloon site rocked buildings a mile away today. Employees at nearby defense industry businesses ran out of buildings believing that there was an attack of some kind.

World View issued the following statement: Following the completion of a successful fill test on the launch pad, during the process of backing out of the full fill configuration, a significant balloon rupture occurred which was reportedly heard in the local area. We have reached out to reassure our immediate neighbors. There were no injuries and only superficial facility damage at the site. The flight system itself was unaffected.

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Pima County owns the facility and leases it to World View.

The World View facility was built on land that was intended to serve as a buffer zone for Raytheon. Raytheon has missiles stored in bunkers on its property.

World View’s explosion caused ceiling tiles to fall on Raytheon employees, according to sources.

According to sources, World View used hydrogen, a very volatile gas, in the balloon. Experts question the wisdom of using such a dangerous gas near a missile site as well as Davis Monthan Air Force base and Tucson Airport.

“Hydrogen ballooning is almost nonexistent actually because of the highly flammable nature of the gas,” report Prof. Antonio Dumas, Dr. Michele Trancossi, and Dr. Mauro Madonia in their paper: Hydrogen Airships: A Necessary Return Because Of High Costs of Helium.

It was the use of hydrogen that led to the tragic Hindenberg disaster.

Tucson Fire is investigating the matter.


  1. With the obvious abuse of taxpayer money, has the federal government been contacted? Undoubtedly, politicians are destroying property and threatening the health and welfare of Tucson citizens with ill conceived experiments, but Pima County’s infrastructure is an abomination which further endangers people forced to drive on decaying roads.
    It sounds like a new county government needs to be installed.

  2. I saw this on the KGUN9 this morning and the guy they were speaking to said he really couldn’t say anything because they companies they were working for required secrecy. Wait a moment I thought this was supposed to be for tourism and get the uberwealthy to come out and spend the money on Martini bar to the Stratosphere (as Jon Justice once called it).Who are these companies that they are working for in secret?

    My biggest fear is that someone gets killed in this folly and not only Worldview but the county gets sued for it. The payout will bankrupt both.

  3. Did anyone see any reporting on this at the ADS or the local news…thought not. Even if there was, I’m betting it’s a spin job.

  4. Huckleberry and the Hounds at PC may want to reconsider their ignorant decision to locate the Balloonatics next to Raytheon. Or were they trying to force out the BEST employer in Tucson?

    Recalls may be in order. We can’t afford the liability from the gang that can’t shoot straight, or even fix our pothole laden roads.

  5. I’m sure that lightning will never strike that hydrogen gas bag… Oops, I lost my train of thought. Got crazy visions of Raul.

  6. I propose that the Huckster be among the first to fly off to the stratosphere if this debacle ever becomes operational. Perhaps he will never come back.

  7. How can they not be able to afford helium? They have been blood sucking off of the Pima County taxpayer since they showed up empty handed with their grand delusional visions.
    Don’t they have any money or are they already broke before the first flight?
    Starting to look like my dog has created more long term shovel ready jobs then this boondoggle.

    The Oracle


  9. I thought they did away with using hydrogen with the Hindenburg. There is no way they will get anyone to ride in these fire traps.

  10. “The World View facility was built on land that was intended to serve as a buffer zone for Raytheon. Raytheon has missiles stored in bunkers on its property.”

    Just one more incentive to push Raytheon out of Tucson. So that the only major employers in the area will be Government entities.

    • I’m gonna guess that “be the first” will be their motto for many years to come.

      The Oracle

  11. World view is running as smooth as a Russian space station. The successes just keep coming, first they had to launch the KFC abbreviated flight from page before it sprung a leak, now the balloon on the launch pad had a major malfunction.
    I suppose it can only get better over time.
    I’m sure those making up that target rich audience wanting to throw $75k down for a balloon ride to the stratosphere won’t mind the leaks or the balloon raptures, hopefully the passenger capsule is fully padded and is equipped with auxiliary parachutes to extend the thill of free falling back to earth allowing the passengers enough time to choke down their complimentary KFC sandwiches before the fatal impact.

    The Oracle

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