Pima County Taxpayers Spent Over $800,000 On World View Equipment, Furnishings

Pima County’s massive Communications Department was hard at work on Monday selling County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry to Facebook friends. Your tax dollars at work.

The numbers are in on the furniture and equipment Pima County taxpayers forked out for the balloon company, World View Enterprises. The residents of the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the Country have spent a total of $873,230 for fancy furnishings, fixtures, and equipment unique to the near space travel industry.

Today, the Pima Board of Supervisors will meet at 9:00 a.m. for a regular meeting and again at 1:30 p.m. for a budget hearing.

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During the morning session, the supervisors will be asked to approve a lease-purchase agreement with World View Enterprises and amend contractual language. The agreement includes an amendment to:

1) memorialize the Commencement Date after the substantial completion of construction of the building
2) establish the square footage size of the finished building which is necessary to calculate the rent amounts during the lease term
3) provide an inventory of the furniture, fixtures and equipment provided by Pima County.

As the ADI reported on Sunday, the inventory included for the supervisors’ review expensive furnishing, purchased mostly from retailer, Goodman’s Interior Structures. New documents reveal that taxpayers also purchased a tracking antenna for $90,845, a weather station for $148,936, window coverings for $28,015, systems furniture for $190,339, manufacturing specialty furniture for $109,150, and lockers for $10,337.

The ADI reached out to one area commercial landlord who advised that normally a lessor would not purchase furniture for a tenant for no other reason that the value of the furniture at the end of the lease would be worth pennies on the dollar.

The County’s unusual arrangement with World View has resulted in a lawsuit by the Goldwater Institute on behalf of Pima County Taxpayers. To date, the Institute has prevailed in court, and the County is now appealing the ruling.

“It should not surprise anyone that Chuck Huckelberry is able to find $15 million to build the World View facility which includes close to a million dollars of lavish furnishings and decorations for his cronies, yet he is never able to find monies for the failing roads. This contract has been deemed illegal by a superior court judge, and I sincerely hope the taxpayers will finally see what the Board majority is doing to their community and demand change,” stated Supervisor Ally Miller.


  1. This furniture purchase appears to be another illegal procurement (and perhaps another proposed illegal gift by Huckleberry and his three stooges, Board of Supervisors Bronson, Elias and Valadez) in that there is no known provision or authority for the Board of Supervisors to purchase furniture for rental to any business or individual. Hopefully, those familiar with the Goldwater Institute personnel in charge of the Pima County/World View illegal gift lawsuit will bring this matter to his attention so that he can make a determination if the Court also needs to be apprised of this continuing illegal behavior by Pima County.

  2. This is EXACTLY why to vote NO on 101. These politicians will not fix our roads but they will fund Gabby’s husband. Get rid of Huckleberry Hound.

  3. Other than the ADI, is any other regional “news” outlet reporting on this outrage?

    • Mark, I have asked this very same question many times before. Rarely, if ever, will you see any outlet reporting this “news” other than the ADI.

      It’s ridiculous that the County continues to do what they do even after the Court has ruled against then on at least one of the aspects of the World View lawsuit!

  4. Illegal taxpayer money given away without our input. I’d say is grounds for a revolution. When does it start? My taxes are raising my house payment – any body else? My wife and I are considering selling because it stripping out our fixed income. I say thanks to all the idiots that keep voting in these criminals that steal our money!

  5. I need a new recliner and sofa, would the BOS please buy me a new one? I am a taxpayer so it really is like I have already paid for them, yeah?

  6. Damn, the Giffords name sure carries a lot of weight doesn’t it. 800K for furnishings and equipment. Wonder if they will have to pay property tax on that? Bet not? Just one more BS crony project that the Huckster rammed through with the help of the most stupid voters in Arizona. I hope that the voters really love getting their pocket picked for almost 17 million as they drive on some of the worst roads on the planet, pay the highest rate of property tax in the state, pay some of the highest utility costs in the country yet the county continues to say that they need more money… SSDD in Pima County politics. The voters are stupid and the taxpayers get screwed.

  7. If World View can’t pay for its own furniture, how do they think they are going to safely launch a balloon into space. This is just another give away of taxpayer dollars to dead beat Gaby, who hasn’t earned an honest dollar in her entire life.

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