Grijalva Lone Arizona Representative To Vote To Impeach Trump

Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva was one of the handful of representatives that voted last week to impeach President Donald Trump. The articles of impeachment, introduced by Texas Congressman Al Green, were rejected in a vote of 364-58.

Grijalva co-sponsored Green’s scheme which was dismissed by Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, as untimely.

Grijalva has earned a reputation for wasting time and money on losing propositions like trying to impeach Trump.

The Washington Times reported last month that Grijalva, who is rumored to be frequently inebriated, wasted taxpayer dollars when he “quietly arranged a “severance package” in 2015 for one of his top staffers who threatened a lawsuit claiming the Arizona Democrat was frequently drunk and created a hostile workplace environment.”

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  1. i know Ronald Reagan…he’s was a good friend of mine..believe me Mr. patriot..trump’s no Ronald Reagan……………………Ron’s personality, and his way of doing the w.h bizzz alone… showed skill , and a calm reasonable way of handling the job …everyone liked and respected Ronald Reagan …even if they disagreed …………for example: Reagan would never have twitillydeetweeted…. even if he could …………comparing Reagan with trump….well…..Ron might say “can you at least spell my name right ? …Mr Patriot sir…that’s as wrong as your comparing skill’s…..

  2. Congressman Raul Grijalva ought to IMPEAC himself. He is a communist as he supported Obama who follow the Communist Manifesto!

    Trump is the best President since Ronald Regan!


  4. well well..sir J….what happend to your jeanie sense of humor?….one demon was stuffed back in the bottle last night….seem’s Roy and don’s blabbering mouth’s got them nowhere ….THE KARMA CURSE…is just getting started…he’s a real nowhere man , sitting in his nowhere land….

  5. the orange haired jeanie in a bottle has arisen …materializing before your very eyes ..the bottle happened to wash right in our face.. then mistakenly opened…it appeared a devil’s flame was emerging ……but it was only orange floppy hair…demon’s had been released that day ,and all hell broke loose………’s difficult snuffing these fire’s out.this is now an understatement….setting a back fire , might be the only way to stuff these devil’s back in there bottle…………is southern cal. .. sending a message?……… the orange haired jeanie had been cramped and knocked around by the sea to long , dinging him out of touch with the political reality’s our day……..the fire’s will finally be snuffed..our track’s of tear’s will regrow the forest, and new green pasture’s will finally arizzzzzzzzze…………. instead …..

  6. Richard, replacement of Trump with a demon will stop nothing, or stop at nothing… enjoy your stay should you be correct, the worst choice ever made that you will be forced to live with

  7. Richard Hernandez…..these guy’s and gal’s don’t know what there talking about..the only thing they got right was that Raul drink’s booze……….i call them the …..DOIII….trump drunk brother’s…
    “your right on the money Richard.”…..rezzzzine……… impeach….. step down……….quit……..walk away….surrender….take a hike ….go fly a kite…
    ..take a long walk on a short pier…. i think that should do it.. and he can take Roy Moore with him …………………………by the way… nice name you got….

    • Sore, childish loser.

      You and your fellow liberals have lost the governorships, the State Houses, the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Presidency.

      Losers, losers, losers.

      Enjoy your losses and humiliation.

  8. Ralph was obviously drinking heavily the day he voted to impeach Trump. All drunks make fools of themselves, nothing new here.

  9. Well the “Democratic Party” has no business calling themselves that! They should just admit they are “Communist Party” wanting only one party rule and a lifetime dictator for life leader.

  10. Impeach him? Another terrorist let in the country by Obama tried to kill Americans this morning and nobody wanted to impeach him for a no borders anti US position. It will take many years to clean our country out from the imported democratic voters. That’s the only way they can win elections.

  11. richard, your queen hitlery lost so get back on your meds and be happy. Klinton was impeached and stayed in so what would be different here? I think you guys need to take a break and chill for a while. They advertise that trump has done nothing significant in the 1st 12 months, but tell us what bho did in 8 years that was significant other than ruining the USA with his stupid phone and pencil?

  12. As we move forward you will discover more and more ppl vote for impeachment.

    I have faith that sooner than later the people of USA will admit that we have a child bully pretending to be grown, that who occupies the white house.

    Richard Hernandez

    • Please Richard, get a grip. How about the Hispanic unemployment rate? Only the best and brightest come across the border ILLEGALLY, right Richard? Though so. Build the wall and keep them all out. We simply can’t afford them in the 8th poorest area of the country. BTW, might want to read something other than the ADS and watching CNN and MSNBC.

  13. Typical of Ralph the Communist. Hispanic unemployment has dropped to a world record low of 4.7% under president Trump.

    What did Ralph do for his constituents? he called for a boycott of AZ that took their jobs.

    Wake up America, this guy is no good for you.

  14. Grijalva has one interest Grijalva and a socialist agenda. I would say the water is going to be getting a bit warm for you Gordo.

    • Historically Raul has demonstrated that if it doesn’t directly benefit the Graftjalva crime family and it’s subordinates it doesn’t get his vote.
      As a elected US representative, Raul’s job is to represent the voices of his district on a national level. Raul may have been elected from the people within his district but from day one Raul has worked tirelessly to undermine the concerns of the majority of those within his district.
      His lone vote for impeachment is just another example of how his concerns don’t match those of his constituents.
      Raul needs to go, the sooner the better.

      The Oracle

  15. Many of Grijalva’s constituents are so utterly ignorant, not understanding how much of a racist Communist he is. Then again, the majority of his voters are racists much like him and/or illegal aliens voting fraudulently, thanks to the brainless City Council and Police Chief Magnus.

  16. Well of course he did. Wonder if he was sober? Most likely, liberals hate all things that are successful without government help and they want open borders so the best and brightest can come into the country, live off the taxpayer and be the next generation of stupid democratic voters.

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