James T. Harris Joins Broomhead In Phoenix Market, Drive Time At KFYI

James T. Harris 104.1 KQTH

Popular radio talk show host, James T. Harris, has joined iHeartMedia as the on-air talent for 550 KFYI, The Most Trusted News in Phoenix, effective January 15. Harris will broadcast on weekdays from 4 – 7 p.m.

Harris previously worked as afternoon host for KQTH-AM in Tucson, Arizona. While there, Harris, known to his fans as The Beautiful Man, gained a loyal following across the country. His “common damn sense” earned him a bipartisan listening audience in Tucson, a liberal stronghold in Arizona.

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“James is a special talent,” said Steve Geofferies, Executive Vice President of Programming for iHeartMedia’s West Division. “He has created demand not only from his radio audience, but a national demand through his social following. The addition of James continues our strategy of acquiring top tier talent in Phoenix.”

“As the ringleader of the Conservative Circus, James brings a unique perspective and unrivaled enthusiasm for talk radio to 550 KFYI,” said Aaron Trimmer, Program Director for 550 KFYI. “We’re thrilled to add his voice to the station weekday afternoons.”

“James is the perfect addition to our KFYI line-up of conservative talk radio hosts, and I know he will add an exciting and entertaining show to prime-time talk radio in Phoenix.”, said Linda Little, AZ Region President iHeartMedia.

“News Talk 550 KFYI is a legacy station with an impeccable reputation,” said Harris. “I look forward to working on the same team as my good friend Mike Broomhead and to bringing the Conservative Circus to The Valley.”

iHeartMedia Phoenix has a strong cross-platform presence and includes a number of iconic brands and franchises — both broadcast and digital — encompassing more than seven stations comprised of music, talk and news formats.

iHeartMedia has massive consumer reach and influence across multiple platforms and delivers more live programming than any other media company.

23 Comments on "James T. Harris Joins Broomhead In Phoenix Market, Drive Time At KFYI"

  1. well I live in Tucson and 550 am on the dial here is a Spanish station and it doesn’t come in clear? so how do Tucson people get to listen or does that mean we no longer get to listen to James T Harris live?
    there’s no replacing his show I don’t even listen to 104.1 now that James is gone. he,s the man. the one morning guy on 1041 is good, but it’s completely empty without his show now in Tucson.

    • The Oracle of Tucson | January 4, 2018 at 12:15 am |

      Like you Cathy, I haven’t listened much to 104.1 since James left, the double dose of out of town national syndicated bubble heads is too much to endure.

      The Oracle

      • exactly!lol! what’s talk radio without James T Harris!!!help us!!! things are getting worse James T! please send chocolate!!!were sinking…..!!!!

      • Oracle, I agree with you. I quit lestening to 104.1 since James left and even tweeted to the station that I among others would quit listening to their station if they didn’t get another local personality back. I guess Scripps media is a bad place to work for since both Jon & James left and it makes you wonder if all they want is to have nationally syndicated shows. Mike Rapp’s show is ok but I tend not to listen to anything on that station anymore. I just kep it on espan 104.9 (I think).

        Oh if you have a tablet or smart phone you can download the iheartradio app and listen from it which is what I plan on doing

    • The Evil One | January 4, 2018 at 9:36 am |

      Well, KQTH 104.1 has always been been a “Never Trump” station. I am glad the James has moved to a station that is more aligned with his philosophy.

      And as mentioned below, you can hear James through iHeart radio.

      • I certainly never thought of KQTH as a “Never Trump” radio station, quite the contrary actually. I still enjoy listening to Chris Plante, Ramsey and Pags. James is sorely mmissed though. Phoenix is a bigger market, I can’t blame him for jumping at the opportunity. Best of luck to James T.

  2. maybe.. just maybe… God will send you back to us!! have you seriously thought this out James T?? you’re not running away now, are you? James T????

  3. You are lucky to have James! I came upon this man on facebook. He tells it like it is! For someone like me that has never paid attention before because I didn’t understand the whole process of politics i do now mostly because of him and he is funny too! Love this guy!

  4. James isn’t truly leaving he is just getting a bigger megaphone. Here is a link to live stream 550 KFYI – https://www.iheart.com/live/550-kfyi-37/

  5. James T. Is a unique person , his thoughts and opinions have kept a lot of conservatives sane in an insane world. His listener’s love his humor, and his truths,not only in The USA , he has many listener’s from all over the world. He encourages people to talk , think , and express their views of the hot topics that are happening now. We love James T Harris . And are Happy to see the Circus back , and Growing.

  6. Tucson will miss the Beautiful Man! So much light brought on local issues. God bless you, James.

  7. AngstyMommy | January 4, 2018 at 8:37 am |

    I’m happy for you, James T! Miss both you and Ross.

    Like the others, I do not listen to KQTH much any more. It’s going down hill quickly. Not sure what they are doing. I feel like they are abandoning their listeners.

    I’m glad I have iheart Radio, so I can keep listening to you.

  8. Phoenix… I suppose – I’m sure his program will be online or pay radio – but tune in and listen… not so much

  9. I really hoped you were going to keep Rob Carson.
    Will try this guy, but found Rob the best.

  10. James drove the huckelberry hounds crazy! What are they going to do now?!? Saw steller looking for dirt like the dirtbag he is! lololol! What are they going to do now?!? Drink liberally?

  11. I was hoping you were going to keep Rob Carson.

  12. Maybe there’s a chance to follow
    him via internet radio.


  13. Working Man Blues | January 5, 2018 at 4:51 am |

    In a world of all things via the Internet. I just hope he still reports on tucson politics. Yes phx is a bigger market. But tucson needs a little love every once in awhile from the beatifiul man. Both on social media and the AM talk radio.

    • maybe he went to Phx knowing Tucson is a lost cause… I do believe in miracles and that’s what Tucson needs to pull the brass ring

  14. Great news! Does the Phoenix station have the power to reach Tucson or will we have to “tune in” to James on our computers? ABC Corporation`s replacing James with Joe Pags is a real disappointment, though hardly a surprise given its Democrat agenda, unless your idea of good talk radio is adolescent bathroom humor and the denigration of the rest of the on-air staff.

  15. It would be great if we could get KFYI in Flagstaff as well.

  16. Felina Erse | January 7, 2018 at 7:44 am |

    Real reporters help keep corruption down, not like fake reporters who report fake news and are part of the corruption that is destroying the USA. Go James!

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