James T. Harris Folds Up Conservative Circus In Tucson

James T. Harris ringmaster of the Conservative Circus [Photo by Cornelius Oliver Harris]

The Conservative Circus, led by ringmaster James T. Harris, a black conservative talk show host, will no longer fill the air waves in southern Arizona. On Thursday, Harris performed for the last time on 104.1FM KQTH. Harris is heading to the Phoenix market, and will be featured in drive time at KFYI.

“Tucson is my adopted home town. It will always be a special place to me. I am so grateful for the opportunity Scripps gave me,” said Harris, who tendered his resignation earlier this month. “I loved giving the liberals of southern Arizona nightmares.”

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Harris moved from Journal Broadcasting’s Milwaukee news/talk flagship WTMJ, where he did weekend and fill-in shows, to take over afternoon drive time at KQTH in 2011.

During his time in Tucson, Harris was instrumental in saving the A-10 Warthog from Defense Department cuts, working with Lt. Colonel (ret) Tom “Chuck” Norris, and the mastermind behind the A-10, Pierre Sprey.

With wit, fun, and humor, Harris featured a number of popular segments including the Constitutional Conversation, Miller Time, The Hollywood Get Down, and Gay Tuesdays. The Constitutional Conversation began with the much beloved late Dave Sitton. After Sitton passed, Jeff Utsch, known as “The Sensei,” stepped in and the segment earned fans across the country who tuned in through Facebook live. Miller Time featured Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller. The banter between Miller, a fearless fighter for taxpayers and Harris reportedly gave Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry fits. The Hollywood Get Down featured Stephanie Dunlap, who shared news and gossip with Harris’ listeners.

It was Gay Tuesdays, which featured the work of gay musicians, that revolutionized conservative radio. Producer Ross Williamson won widespread praise for his music programming that earned the edgy and upbeat Gay Tuesdays their draw.

By far Harris’ most popular guest was his frequent co-host Yolanda Weinberger. Weinberger, a conservative American of African descent, offered Harris’ listeners common sense conversation and thoughtful analysis of popular culture. Her firebrand approach and candor made Weinberger a star in her own right.

Harris collaborated with the Arizona Daily Independent to expose government scandals and politicians’ stupidity. Together, Harris and the ADI shook up establishment forces on both sides of the political aisle on a weekly basis.

Arizona Daily Independent’s education editor, Loretta Hunnicutt, who appeared frequently on Harris’ show, stated, “As someone who identifies as a liberal, James helped me understand and value conservatism. His humor, humility, and empathy allow him to present conservative concepts in a way that is compelling. He disrupts one’s preconceived notions of what conservatives are. I owe him the world for showing me a world of people I had overlooked before. He is truly the best brand conservatism has ever had.”

Steve Spain, a regular guest on Harris’ show stated, “No fear. James T. approaches issues from Arizona to D.C. with not a whit of fear. Listening to him has been my habit since “Sunday Nights,” and I am eager to see what he does next.”

Harris earned hundreds of thousands of “friends” on social media and a handful of powerful Republican Party establishment enemies while at KQTH. In 2014, Bruce Ash, Arizona’s RNC Chair, made national headlines when he encouraged violence and called for Harris to be kneecapped.

Rumor has it that Harris will soon appear in a much larger market. With his unrivaled social media presence, and unique perspective, it was only a matter of time before Harris moved on to a bigger market.

One Scripps insider said, “It doesn’t surprise me that he is moving on, it only surprises me that he stayed here so long.”

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  1. Your show helped me navigate the scary lefty waters. One day I tuned into your show like every day before, and you weren’t on. Keep up the good work!

  2. James T Harris, the best part of the afternoon radio in Tucson is gone. We will all miss you, and I personally hope we get you back in the 3-6 slot. Prime Time! Can’t wait to hear your voice again.

  3. From the first time you entered the scene at the initial Tuscon Tea Party happenings, to your last day on radio, you have touched all of us with your logic and insight shrouded in humor. You will be missed…Thank You and Best Wishes

  4. No!! We just returned from 6 weeks in Israel and your show was a definite element we were looking forward to! When will we know where to find you?

  5. We’ve chatted often, you were my Conservstive fix since I moved here from The DC area 18 months ago. Very sorry to see you go, hope you get a big syndicate gig and you wind up back here on the radio dial! Best of luck!

  6. May you and the family be blessed. Been a listener for a long time and hope to hear your opines once again soon. Thank you Mr. Harris, for everything.

  7. James T you were the light in the afternoon radio talk show in Tucson. We already miss you and I already changed radio channel.I guess the good old boys in the city can relax now that you are not on their case any more.

  8. After moving from the Phoenix market, I missed live and local talk. James T was that glimmer of hope that Tucson talk wasn’t all syndicated, I hope we can get someone equally as talented to fill in the 4 hours that James made so enjoyable. Since I listen pretty much all day, double doses of Laura Ingram & Joe Pags are going to get old quick. Miss ya already James, best of luck!

  9. Glad you were able to come here to Tucson even if it was for a short time. Hope I will be able to hear you in whatever large market you’re going to. With the internet any thing is possible.

  10. Can’t imagine you moving on to a cold climate. Hope to hear from you soon. Good luck. You will be missedm

  11. Just learned of your decision to move on. You will be missed. Thanks for great listening. Hope to hear from you soon.Best to you and your family. Can’t imagine you in a cold climate.

  12. Noooooo!!! Who will replace him?!?! I hope 104.1 (Scripps) tries very hard to find somebody like James T. I know that will be nearly impossible. We will miss you mi amigo. Vaya con Dios.

  13. Hi James,
    Found you on Sunday nights (Live from Milwaukee!) after listening to a segment of the Jon Justice show back when I too lived in Tucson. Wish you the best in your new endeavor and I pray for your future success. Please keep the podcasts going. Its how I stay in touch with reality when traveling overseas.

  14. I hope you find all of us again who really loved your work James….it hurts to think I may not hear or see your “fire” again….stay well….stay strong…!!

  15. Oh I am sooo very sad!!! I love listening to James at work in the afternoons!!! I can’t stand listening to Dave Ramsey !!!! Good luck to James!!!! He will be missed Greatly just like Jon Justice!!!!

  16. Thanks James for all the preparation you have done in finding such interesting guests to listen to. I will never forget as you have become a house hold name in my house. I hope I can find you where you are going to.. I think of some disappointments we have had and some victories as well. 2017 has been a great year. It is a celebration!

  17. I mostly enjoyed the Conservative Circus show and the best to Mr Harris. Hopefully a local person can step-up and brave the side of truth. I need more truth with facts.

  18. As a fellow listener and fan of the Circus,…a hole has been left in our soul,…James,…all the fans you have created around the world are grieving and celebrating at the same time. You were our Best,…our strength, and Our Sensi,……….but ya need a new hat! As you travel down what ever road you are on, …we Pray that the Holy Spirit place a hedge of protection around you and yours,…God Bless My Friend,……AMEN,….And BOOM Shackalaca!

  19. leaving Tucson for Eloy… well it’s understandable – God Bless you sir! Merry Christmas and much success .. I’m sure you’ll be around.

  20. Hate that I found you just thus year. Really enjoyed the time I had to listen to you.
    Merry Christmas my friend.

  21. Hey….if you like that desert…c’mon up here in North Nevada. Probably get you on stage in Reno or awesome Lake Tahoe. Damn but I’m gonna miss you! I hope you keep that Facebook page and keep us up to date on what’s happening. I did not see this coming…. even when that dotcom page with the verbals shut down all of a sudden like…poof. Gone.

  22. Really? You opened my eyes, thank you for the tutorial’s!!! Please teach your next class of students the truth and honesty you shared with us, they deserve to hear it also, regardless of the bent and scratched view required to see through the fog. Can I get A Amen? and a BOOM SHAQALAQA?????

  23. Gonna miss you buddy. Fill-in Sundays, “10 til noon!”, the original cocktails and conversation at Jonathan’s Cork, and so much more. Good luck in your endeavors my friend, and best to you and your family.

  24. James T. – Stunned & saddened to hear that you’re leaving us. Have enjoyed you since the Tea Party days. Loved your wit & exposure of the corruption in this area. Best wishes wherever you land & Merry Christmas. We’ll miss you!!

  25. OH NO, I’ve been listening to you from Florida. Please let us know where we can find you next. I’m gonna miss you. Who’s gonna keep us informed when there is bullshickadee? Please hurry back.

  26. Hate to see you go. You are the beautiful Man. Good luck in what ever you do and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  27. Oh Mercy…..I will miss you so much Beautiful Man! Blessings to you and your family. Please keep us posted as to your whereabouts. Take care my friend. You have brought a smile and levity to many sad days!

  28. Best wishes on your future endeavors
    James T.!

    We are as sad to see you go as the local
    politicians are happy to see an impediment
    to ramming I-11 down our throats leave town.

  29. I’m not surprised. JT was way above the other talking heads of KQTH. I just hope none of the KQTH people replace him and we get some new blood. I’m just surprised he didn’t stay here and do a national show like some pundits do. Best of luck.
    God Bless

  30. Thank you, James for all you have shared. I will truly miss your wit and wisdom. Hopefully, I will continually be able to follow you through FB

  31. Just like my first girlfriend,I find you then you leave!
    I do wish ya the very best always.
    Going where the wind takes ya ,hope it’s not to cold!
    Love ya bro!

  32. Every day I tune into to the Circus via the internet. It was enlightening, funny, hard hitting, informative and motivating. You are a gifted communicator who educates and entertains your audience simultaneously. You offered four hours of honest conversation and transparent reflection on the latest local and national news. I looked forward to “our” time together each weekday. You are a rare talent.

  33. The train we call life continues to roll down the track. It’s been a pleasure to ride that train with you JT Harris’s. Good luck on your new Journey. Going to miss the Circus Family. ✌️

  34. Just learning this news and sorry to not have him in Tucson, although it seemed apparent that he had developed some disdain for the corruption in Tucson/Pima Co. politics. Hoping we shall have a chance to hear him on a larger venue soon! Best of everything James T.! And thanks for sharing your self with us!

  35. Hi James…a dedicated listener from the isles of western Canada. Loved hearing your perspectives on the Libs/Dems delivered with humour and reality. Going to miss your show and really hoping to be able to follow you in your new venture. You NEED a larger platform! Blessings to you and yours. And Merry Christmas. MAGA. ??????

  36. Oh No!! I’m sure The Huckster, the rest of the pos BOS, Lawall, Nanos, Radtke, and all of the other criminals are celebrating this move! Happy to see your success, James, but we will surely miss you!

  37. No, don’t go! I love you and your show and your commentary that comes to me through Facebook! Please let us know soon about this larger market you’re going to! God bless you and your family, and Merry Christmas! Blessings, Sue

  38. I found him a few months before the election last year. After listening for just a few minutes I told my husband “you gotta hear this guy”! We’ve been daily listeners ever since. Can’t wait to see the next chapter!

  39. The air waves will be a lesser place to listen to without James T. Harris’s wisdom and wit. You opened the eyes and minds of so many people, especially one of my students who is an avid listener! God bless and protect you and your family forever, Brother James T.!

  40. James we the people will suffer more set backs by the band of legal criminals in local politics we will miss your advocacy.

    Best wishes and even if we did not always agree I admire a man who stands by his convictions. That who I am no matter the back lash doing what is right by you, is right.

    Be well and best of luck.

    Richard Hernandez

  41. Nooooo! I’m crying, shocked, disappointed, lost, stunned, did I mention I’m crying. J.T. will you at least be popping in on FB once in a while? Will you let us, who truly love you, know when and where to find you in the future? I guess the only thing left to say is, God’s speed and His blessings on wherever you go. Still blubbering! ❤️

  42. Nooooo! I’m crying, shocked, disappointed, lost, stunned, did I mention I’m crying. J.T. will you at least be popping in on FB once in a while? Will you let us, who truly love you, know when and where to find you in the future? I guess the only thing left to say is, God’s speed and His blessings on wherever you go. Still blubbering! ❤️

  43. Janes my ride home will never be quite the same…. I looked forward to your comments everyday…
    Thank you for all of the support you gave our veterans …. They always knew you had their back…

  44. Been following James T. whenever I can pop the earbuds in (2nd shift supervisory doesnt allow for it much, lol) all the way back here in Wisconsin. Fingers crossed he appears back in Wisconsin soon, possibly replacing Cassius (Charlie) Skyes. 😉

  45. To say I will miss the show would be an understatement as the Circus has been a part of my life for over a year now. Good Luck in your new adventure, that I hope I can follow

  46. My family doesn’t want you to leave…but you deserve so many greater things for you are a fine and moral man we have loved hearing your views. I hope we still can hear them whereever you are or go. God bless you.

  47. Going to miss the CIRCUS! It is a sad day in Tucson. May your next adventure be beauuuuuutiful!!! My husband and I listen to you all the time. We are going to miss you. At lease, we got to meet you at Dickey’s BBQ once doing your karaoke stunt. Take care.

  48. Shocked but realize all good things come to an end. Will miss you, beautiful man and Ross. Your candor on subjects that others pussyfooted around was/is greatly appreciated. Best of luck.

  49. Hey, man, I listened ocassionally from the Deep South. Your wit, passion, engagement with the audience and yourself won me over. I heard good radio, and it compelled me to listen and take note.

  50. I know we haven’t heard the last from you. Looking forward to your next gig and hearing more from you. Will continue to “like and share”!

  51. I found James when I moved to Tucson in 2012 and stayed listening when I moved back to the Seattle area.I will continue to hear him wherever he goes.

  52. I feel like I am losing a family member. thanks for the information, sharing your beautiful family and Yolanda, ross. wherever you go you will be missed and that big smile. thank you.

  53. Mr.Harris,I’d like to thank you for your important work and role that you play in our society and the country. I wish we have more people like in our country. People like sir make a world a better place. Thank you once again and look forward to see and hear from you in the near future. Sincerely,Michael K.

  54. Please come back as soon as possible. We NEED you. Have a great holiday and hope to learn when we get you back.

  55. Our beautiful man, you unbiased opinion plus candor made you Ring Master of the Circus. I hope to hear/watch you sooner than later. I await your return.

  56. Congrats for bigger markets but I will miss your Tucson connection! Love your prospective. Where are you headed? Please continue you car posts!

  57. I remember when I first heard Rush on the am dial and thought who is this arrogant SOB, then I quickly realized what he was saying is what I wished I could say as brilliantly as he did. When I first moved back to Tucson I was searching the radio for conservative values and found the Circus. Thank you James T,and KQHT.

  58. So sorry to hear this! Your leaving is such a loss for Tucson. Thank you for your brilliance and honesty, you are a shining light. Wish you all the best wherever you land.

  59. JT, where ever you travel you carry our hearts with you. If you can, in your future endeavors, give a shout out to your good friends here in Tucson.

  60. Thank you for your honesty and outspokenness. I am in KY and followed you and shared your posts often.

  61. I have really enjoyed being part of the Circus and wish James much success! I will be waiting and watching for him. I will miss the show. They are a big part of my evenings!

  62. I love James T.!!!! Please keep me posted on his next venture- he is one of the few voices I trust! Also, thank you for fighting for the A-10!

  63. I’m going to miss your show, I watched it on my computer in Washington State. I know you’ll do well wherever you go, your a good man !!


  65. James T. Harris, you were one of my discovered gems in 2017! Love you, Buddy! Where are you going? We wish you much success. Continue to share your thoughts across this nation, you are desperately needed right now. Peace, Love.

  66. Speaking from the (hopefully) sane Left, we will also miss you. It is from contending points of view that we gain clarity and find those areas we can work together against common problems like crony capitalism and political corruption. James, you helped us do that. Thank you.

  67. Wow, very sorry to see you go. The conservatives in Tucson will miss you and your voice for our values. We were blessed to have you here as long as we did. You are very talented and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  68. Thank you for stealing the ball and running with it James. When Obama killed the TEA Party you gave aus hope.

  69. James will be missed here in Tucson. Thank you for shining the light on the corruption and cronyism in Pima County. It was always a fun day when I was in studio for Miller Time. You make us all laugh out loud and we love you for it!
    Merry Christmas and best of luck in your new endeavor.

  70. Wow! After moving from Tucson to Minnesota Jon came to Minneapolis 3 months later and we were thrilled. Really missed you. Hope you’re coming back north. Good luck in wherever you go.

  71. I will always remember election night 2016 watching , listening , and praying with James and Ross on the circus. WE love you guys,and will really miss your shows, the information we could get only from you,and you unique way of telling it. We laughed we cried, we believed in your of seeing things, you made us feel like there is hope in a world gone crazy! Good luck to you all, and James we look forward to your next endeavor, keep your Circus Family in mind .we are praying for you.

  72. I will miss you but hope to keep in touch via radio/FB and other means! Best of luck with whatever and wherever you are going!

  73. I called James many times when I lived in Tucson. I now follow him on Facebook. He was so much fun. Love his ass hat comments. Good luck James T.

  74. I do wish you the best of luck James but I hate to say it I feel like I did when Jon left and that you have just given up on us because nothing will ever change in this city or county. I do wish you all the best. I just hope we’re not stuck with another syndicated show like we are now in the morning

  75. Wow! We’ll miss this amazing man! Hopefully he will be back on the air in a larger national market. We need this voice to lead people out of the wilderness!

  76. My wife and I have listened to you since you were a fill-in. We have loved your energy and compassion. We figured this day would come, congratulations!!! I just hope we can still listen to you. God Bless and good luck.

  77. I am in Indiana, and followed this masterfully astute ringmaster of conservative talk. There is no one to replace him. I hope when he becomes available in another Market, Tucson and many other people are fortunate enough to hear him again.

  78. Professor, It has been my pleasure to call you daily. Your insight and honesty are the reason for your success. Blest Wishes Always, My Friend.

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