Arizona Politicos Tweet On SOTU [POLL]

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union speech. Tell us what you thought about it and then check out what your representatives thought about it….

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  1. The biggest thing beside the speech was that President Trump did not read it from the Teleprompter; never saw that from Obama. The Democrats showed America what idiots they are! Read the Constitution folks. It is not a living document and the details are it.

  2. President Trump’s State of the Union Speech was one of best I have heard. On the other hand, the Democratic response by Kennedy did very little to unite our divided nation.

  3. I found it quite telling when Trume said Americans are dreamers too how the Dems just sat there and scowled at him and did nothing and it made me wonder how anyone could support a party that worries more about taking your hard earned money from you and give it to people who don’t deserve it and puts people here illegally above the hard working taxpayer who voted these losers into office.

  4. Any congress person man or woman who wouldn’t stand up to acknowledge a 12 year old boy who started a movement to lay flags at veterans graveside does not represent America. Nor will they ever be worthy of my vote.

  5. The Democrats message was crystal clear – they don’t like America or Americans.

    Doesn’t Jeff Flake look so happy – as a Democrat?

  6. His speech was spot-on hitting all of the high points of what makes America great. POTUS did a great job of outlining the up coming goals. He certainly overreached to encourage the democrats to join in the serious process of securing the Borders.

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