Lesko Resigns, Constituents Left Without Representation

Arizona State Sen. Debbie Lesko resigned her seat in the Arizona Legislature on the first day of the legislative session leaving her constituents without representation. Lesko resigned in order to run for Congress.

Former fellow Senator Steve Montenegro resigned his seat before the beginning of the session to ensure that his constituents would have full representation.

Both Montenegro and Lesko are running to replace Congressman Trent Franks, who resigned in December amid complaints from former staffers who claimed he asked them to carry a baby as a surrogate for him and his wife.

Now the precinct committeemen in LD21 will have to choose a replacement for Lesko.


  1. Right you are, Watcher – I did confuse the districts. One, is where I live and I am hard pressed to know the rep’s name or recognize his face. Nice catch – thanks.

    • I would hope that you have your districts confused. Dist. #2 has Martha, it is Dist# 1 that has been lacking representation ever since re-districting by the corrupt Janet Napalitano and the Dems that were able to inject so called Independent??????? Chairwoman who was a loyal, stealth Democrat in sheeps clothing.

  2. another year of state retirement = another year of screw you the Arizona voter ; nice parting message

  3. One more example of a “Public Servant” acting in their own self interests vs serving the voters.

    Lesko had announced some time ago she was going to run for the Franks vacancy but delayed the resignation until opening day so she would RECEIVE ANOTHER YEAR OF STATE RETIREMENT CREDIT.


    • If only all the politicians would resign and leave us all without “representation”. Ah, but I can dream.

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