Huckelberry Outraged Over Talker DeSimone’s Testimony, Vacation Recommended

Private citizen and radio talk show host Chris DeSimone addresses the House Transportation Committee on Tuesday.

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry appears to have crossed a line this week when he questioned the fact that private citizen and radio talk show host, Chris DeSimone, addressed the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday. DeSimone testified in opposition to SB 1147.

DeSimone responded to a bizarre memo Huckelberry wrote about DeSimone’s testimony:

Video of DeSimone Testimony to the Senate Transportation Committee


Huckelberry follows Miller’s actions closely and has used County resources in the past to document every move. The fact that he is now documenting the actions of a private citizen has many concerned.

After his appearance at the Capitol, DeSimone had Miller on his show. The two discussed the fact that Huckelberry received $34,347.52 in vacation pay and $84,268.40 in sick pay over the last 4 years on top of his bloated salary. The benefits take Huckelberry’s compensation to well over $400,000 a year.

[Listen to the interview here]

Huckelberry, who appears to be wound tight these days, would be well-advised to take a vacation, County sources say, rather than taking the sick and vacation pay-out of over $138,596.00 he received on January 7, 2017 for the past 4 years.

In the past, Huckelberry as instructed County staff to track the social media account of a high school student, who dared to write a research paper on Huckelberry’s 2015 bond package.

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Pima County’s lobbyist, Michael Racy, is promoting the legislation. In 2016, the ADI reported that Racy’s company received $160,000 in taxpayer monies for state-level lobbying and another $150,000.00 for nation-level lobbying. At the next Pima County Board of Supervisors’ meeting the Board is expected to approve a new contract for $300,000 for two years of federal lobbying.

Keith VanHeynigan testifying to Senate Transportation Committee


  1. History will not be kind to Mr Huckelberry. Look no further than the neighborhood he grew up around. Flowing Wells. Mostly low income and woefully underserved precincts.

    Not sure how someone in his position of power can put his head on the pillow every night? While he personally rakes in over $300k annually in salary before benefits. His neighbors live off modest incomes. The school district is about 90+% Title I kids.

    Classic narcisstic personality syndrome. And yet he purports to be for social justice and income equality? The only people to show up for his last rites will be his paid for cronies. Not the kind of legacy I would want.

    But hey. On the bright side of things we got a perfect bike route around the community and a hydrogen bomb factory.

  2. The arrogance of the Pima Supes is stunning. Tamping down negativity would require money and contracts for road improvements, not balloon rides. A simple equation.

  3. Anyone who hasn’t figured out that Huckleberry is a corrupt piece of crap is brain dead. Anything to get this idiot & his minions out of shape & out of office I support.

  4. Dear Karma,
    Please hurry. Chuck has been too comfortable for many years.
    I wonder if the FBI found anything on Chuck or the BOS during their investigation on RICO money spending done by the sheriff’s department. Maybe the AG’s office can enlighten us while they take a look at the case. The sheriff’s department, mainly Nanos and that bully Radtke were giving Chuck gifts purchased using that RICO money, such as a brand new Glock model pistol.
    Ray Carroll was getting those handouts as well. The sheriff’s department paid for Chuck and Ray’s cell phone and bill. Why?
    He sits there lining his pockets with cash, approved by the BOS, and the county’s infastructure just wastes away.
    Chuck must go. Voters wake up.

    • Can’t Dan, he can only be fired by the BOS who hired his dumbass in the first place. Why do you think its so important to get a 3 person majority the wants his ass out on the street. The liberal racists sure don’t and neither do the cronies as witness by the hundreds of dollars they poured into Sharon Bronson’s campaign.

    • As has been pointed out on a number of occasions. the key to cleaning up the corruption of the Huckleberry Administration is to remove the “Three Stooges” majority on the Board of Supervisors that rubber stamp Huckleberry`s agenda and make it all possible. At the last election, southern Arizona conservatives hoped that would be accomplished with the re-election of Ally Miler, the only Supervisor on the Board advocating for tax payers, and the election of Republicans Steve Christy and Kim Demarco but that failed with the re-election of Sharon Bronson leaving Huckleberry`s Three Stooges majority in place. However, Huckleberry`s Stooges were reduced from four to three so the obvious solution to ending Huckleberry`s strangle hold on Pima County Government is the retirement by recall of one or more of the Stooges. It seems clear that the easiest one to recall would be Sharon Bronson who won a close race last time against Kim Demarco, an excellent candidate and campaigner. Perhaps with a single recall effort, Pima County Republicans and independents and good government Democrat voters can work together and win a recall election to end Huckleberry`s Board majority so voters can take back our county government for the good of the citizens, not the Democrat Party hacks and the “establishment” which funds the campaigns of the Stooges doing Huckleberry`s bidding and who now reap the majority of the benefits of our tax dollars. The alternative is to wait until the next regular election during which time who knows what other abominations like World View Huckleberry and the Three Stooges will visit on our citizens, how many more pay raises Sheriff`s Deputies will miss and how many more roads will fall apart and etc.

  5. I plan to attend the February 6 BOS meeting to insist on an overdue response to the complaint I filed with them January 2 pursuant to the Pima County Regulatory Bill of Rights. My complaint is that I have been “adversely affected” by mis-use of taxpayer dollars by the County Administrator’s office for at least the last five years as they pursue an Avra Valley route for Interstate 11 — which would create even more “adverse effects” — in violation of BOS policy 2007-343. Sometimes the democratic process needs a nudge to get it working. I invite you to join me.

      • The Right says I’m Left and the Left says I’m wrong — Leon Russell.

        I can be called lots of things, but hopefully not late for dinner. I have no respect for commenters hiding behind anonymity to level insults
        and labels, however false. Such people are, in my mind, cowards. Yeah, What Again, that means you!

        And I shall wear my red hat on Feb. 6; it’s my Nino the Clown hat from the Zoppe Family Circus. A circus clown hat seems appropriate for the BOS.

        • I can’t imagine why you would think I care about your respect for me.

          Please – do everything you can to get your 15 minutes of fame. As a radical leftist transplant NIMBY, you are making such a contribution to keep us the 5th poorest in the country and you fully deserve credit! Yeehawwww!

  6. Anything that upsets Chuck is good. He needs to be upset. He needs to be fired but the idiot voters in this county keep electing his enablers that gives him three votes and he really also has the fourth in Christy who is merely masquerading as a Republican. What a pathetic mess the BOS has allowed Huckelberry to make of county government by and for the cronies. If you are a crony, you can get millions of taxpayer money for doing nothing and if you are a taxpayer you pay millions for nothing. Seems about right to me. No growth, no business tax base and the burden falls on the taxpayer.

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