Blanc, Hernandez Reject Capitalism As Arizona’s Economic System

Arizona Capitol dome. [Photo from Arizona Open Meetings]

On Tuesday, February 13, Arizona representatives Isela Blanc and Daniel Hernandez voted against a bill, HB2277, that merely establishes capitalism as Arizona’s political economic system. The Arizona House Committee On Federalism, Property Rights And Public Policy passed HB2277 along party lines.

The legislative intent of HB2277, sponsored by Rep. Bob Thorpe, is included in the bill:

House Standing Committee Details – HB2277

A. The legislature intends that taxpayer dollars not be used to promote or to provide material support for any political-economic system that opposes the principles of free-market capitalism, including socialism, communism and fascism.

B. Polling has demonstrated an alarmingly high percentage of individuals under forty years of age who appear to not understand either:

1. The history and positive national and international impacts of the American political-economic system of free-market capitalism or how America’s public policies have helped to promote individual freedoms, home ownership, private property rights, innovation, economic activity, an abundance of food, an enhanced quality of life and prosperity.

2. The history, negative impacts and loss of freedom suffered by individuals living under non-American political-economic systems, including socialism, communism and fascism.

Despite the fact that Thorpe cited polling, Blanc implied that Thorpe’s bill was ageist in nature. According to Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation polling, “Given the choice, most Americans would opt for a capitalist country. However, one third would prefer to live in a socialist nation. Millennials are the leading force behind this preference with more than four in ten opting for socialism.”

The Foundation’s polling also showed that “7 in 10 Americans either don’t know the definition of communism or misidentify it.”


  1. If you are unhappy about how THEY TOOK ERR JERBS when America’s manufacturing industry became outsourced, you can thank capitalism. Outsourcing is a natural consequence of capitalism. If you support Trump putting tariffs on foreign imports to protect American jobs, you want the free market restricted. Protectionism is not capitalism.

    You can cite all the figures about economic growth you want, but that does not translate to more wealth for the majority of Americans, as the middle class has only shrunk considerably in the last 30 years while the lower class has grown as the country has become increasingly neoliberal.

    Lobbying, campaign contributions, and outright bribery are a consequence of having a capitalist democracy, and as the rich become richer, they gain more influence to control politicians and make the free market less free and keep out the competition.

    And for the record, I am not a socialist or a communist, I don’t believe either system could work. And it’s a false dichotomy to say that just because you oppose capitalism then you must support communism. Why not invent a third way?

    I won’t be surprised if this comment gets censored.

  2. no it wont be censored, but think about your position. IF capitalism is such a BAD THING, why are the communist countries turning towards it? Not directly, but they have allowed the growth of a capitalistc system in china, they let Hong Kong keep its and the viets are also allowing it to prosper. You may not think it means growth for the middle or lower classes, but it sure is a better system than the government being the sugar tit for all as the left would want. The gov’t to give from cradle to grave. The best thing is to get rid of the swamp creatures like mclame and mcflake et al, and run good candidates who as of now want nothing to do with the swamp and thus avoid the stain of being called a politician. Only the likes of greedyhalfa and his ilk locally keep thing on the gov’t dole as they really dont want people to be able to think or do things on their own as it will impede their ability to take care of SELF.

  3. Pffffft…..

    “individual freedoms, home ownership, private property rights, innovation, economic activity, an abundance of food, an enhanced quality of life and prosperity”

    What percentage of Arizonans actually get to enjoy these privileges?

    How many are locked up under the boot of Arpaio for non-violent drug offenses? For what percentage is home ownership a real possibility? How many own any “private property” to speak of? Food abundance? How many Aizonans receive benefits from SNAP?

    Why would people living in a capitalist system who enjoy few if any of its privileges (and are in fact denied many of its privileges) recognize its benefits?

    How about actual policies that help the people of Arizona rather than laws designed solely to remind us of the glories enjoyed by our few and all-too-proud imperial overseers?

    • If you would get out of mom’s basement and educate yourself and find a good job (and there are many) you might feel differently. But not likely, you seem to want someone to give you something. Got a hot tip for you, only the government will give you money (my money) because I am successful, educated and have a good job and worked for everything I got. No one gave me a damn thing, unlike the millennials and their clones.

  4. Under “capitalism” what I make I keep or spend as I want, and what I own is mine not the States. I say and go as I wish under the laws not when and where as the State wishes.

  5. Are we not the 3rd way? We taken the best and adapted for abuses. Competition is encouraged, but in its absence does not the government reserve the right to intervene? Is not predatory pricing regulated. Do we not enforce labor laws that restrict the rights of the employer. There is no pure economic model. Even in communism, are there not those who are more equal than others? People chastise Walmart, but their competitive pricing model has raised the standard of living of the average American more that any government will ever do. Every dollar I save allows me to purchase or save for a product I could not previously afford. Enlighten me to the communist country with a higher standard of living.

    • Joe, don’t confuse the cellar dwellers with facts. Too busy with their bong and waiting for the first of the month. In the meantime they look at their participation ribbons.

  6. The devil is always in the details. There is communist capitalism (China), fascist capitalism (Nazi Germany, Franco Spain), state capitalism (aka USSR-style socialism), well-regulated capitalism (Western Europe social democracies with free heath care and education), and variations. Both Democrats and Republicans have been undoing the American regulations that created the great middle class after unregulated capitalism gave us the Great Depression, and that deregulation gave us the Not-So-Great Recession. I’m a pragmatist — capitalism is what we have so let’s help make it work for us, and not just for cronies and billionaires.

    BTW — just back from several days in Rodeo, New Mexico, revisiting the Chiricahua Mountains. Stayed at a wonderfully funky little capitalist enterprise I recommend to anyone heading out that way, Mountain Valley Lodge. Cheaper than others in the area and we were able to bring our dog!

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