ASU “Go F$%# Yourself” Controversy Continues, Project Condom Fashion Show Planned

Although the event was cancelled due to public pressure, ASU officials are still receiving complaints about the masturbation workshop titled “Go Fuck Yourself.” Taxpayers are calling for an explanation from ASU President Michael Crow and Arizona legislators about the use of public funds for what they believe are private matters.

In time for Valentine’s Day, ASU students were invited to “join pleasure professional Natalie Treacy for a shame-free, pleasure focused discussion about masturbation and self exploration (sic) to get the pleasure you want and deserve.” Treacy, whose LinkedIn profile shows she has a bachelor’s degree in Critical Race Gender and Sexuality Studies from Humboldt State University, is associated with According to the organization’s website, “ is building a shame-free space by offering pleasure education through live streaming and moderated chat. At, you can learn about sex and pleasure, join a diverse community, and share your own experiences.”

According to an article by Nikita Vladimirov for, the “Undergraduate Student Government of Arizona State University,” planned the workshop on getting “the pleasure you want and deserve” from masturbation.”

Vladimirov reported that “images obtained by Campus Reform appear to suggest that the event was originally titled “Go F*ck Yourself,” however the workshop title was “apparently changed to a less provocative “Go Love Yourself.”

The event was scheduled for February 13. The following day, members of ASU’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) visited the Capitol to lobby legislators:

On March 15, the students will be hosting “Project Condom.” According to the group’s tweet, “Project Condom is a fashion show extravaganza that will educate students on sexual health through performance!” Students are invited to “Come watch and dance!”

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