US Border Agent Falsely Claimed To Be US Citizen

A grand jury returned an indictment charging Marco Antonio De La Garza Jr., 37, of Hereford, Ariz., with three counts related to passport fraud and false statements on his federal law enforcement background application. De La Garza is a Mexican citizen who knowingly used a fraudulently obtained Texas birth certificate to apply for a United States passport.

Additionally, the indictment charges he knowingly and willfully used the same fraudulently obtained birth certificate to assert United States citizenship on his five-year background check to maintain employment as a United States Customs and Border Protection Officer.


  1. De La Garza obviously got the job during the Obama administration (The fraud was discovered during a 5 year review, so he was hired in 2012, the year he voted to re-elect Obama.)so no one should be surprised if this isn`t just the tip of the iceberg. BTW, NOTHING embarrasses Obama or the Democrat Party.

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