Ducey Removes Firearms From Police Officers During National Police Week

During National Police Week, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey moved to strip sworn police officers with the Department of Economic Security (DES) of their legally-permitted firearms. AZ POST certified officers with the Department have been directed to turn in DES issued firearms and all related gear on Friday, May 18, 2018 despite the still present needs and risks of various duty assignments.

On Tuesday, Department of Economic Security Inspector General Fidencio Rivera notified employees of the policy change in an email:

From: Rivera, Fidencio
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 6:54 AM
Subject: New Standard for AZPOST Board Certified Peace Officers Regarding Carrying of Firearms Effective May 19, 2018

Good Morning,

As discussed on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, it has been determined the carrying of firearms when handling DES duties to include criminal investigations are not consistent with the expectations of a human services agency in Arizona. The DES standard effective May 19, 2018, is that DES employees will not carry firearm in the performance of their duties to include AZPOST Board certified peace officers. The exception will be the Evaders (Jon Olney and Paul Cuellar) and what was formally the Trafficking Detection Unit (Charles Dimbat, Frank Martinez and Chad Kramer) pending final assessment of how to most effectively and safely handle these duties. The goal is to leverage partnerships to have duties requiring firearms outside of DES. Interim the five(5h individuals authorized to carry firearms will be organized under the re-branded Office of Professional Responsibility (formerly Internal Affairs) maintaining their former duties and responsibilities. The pertinent organizational charts are attached.

In consultation with AZPOST, we understand the restriction of firearms for duty purposes is authorized based on agency standards (please see attached letter provided to AZPOST). At this time, we continue to support the AZPOST Board certification and the requirements associated with the certification contingent on no rules or legal requirements restricting our ability to limit the use of firearms by peace officers working for DES. The new agency standard effective Saturday, May 19, 2019, pending formal policy modification is that firearms are not authorized outside of these five agencies. The LEOSA policy remains in place pending further review and update. At this time, only one DES employee is understood to be operating under LEOSA within DES.

Each of you is directed to turn in your DES issued firearm and all related gear (holster, magazines and ammunition) to Mr. Rey Nejo on Friday, May 18, 2018. I will defer to Mr. Nejo to coordinate with each of you as to time, place and location on or before COB on Friday, May 18, 2018. He will be aided by Mr. Rich Tracy, PSA Administrator.

We are still expected to conduct administrative and criminal investigations in line with a more limited role as non-carrying firearm investigators and leverage the appropriate law enforcement agency, if deemed necessary. We may also leverage the Evaders and TDU. March 2018s AG report of cases accepted for prosecution found at minimum 30 of 32 cases accepted by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office in March 2018, were put forth by civilian investigators within DES OIG. The unit, OIG SO-Unemployment Insurance, which produces the largest volume of criminal prosecutions, 200-300 per year, is not AZPOST Board certified nor do they carry weapons. We have a demonstrated track record of safely conducting criminal investigations without the need to carry firearms and are committed to this with your support and invaluable experience.

We value our individuals who have prior law enforcement experience for many reasons to include their experience handling complex investigations, knowledge of criminal procedures, testifying in court and experience working with prosecutors. This skill set demands commensurate pay coupled with the responsibility for complex investigations. This will continue. We appreciate your professionalism during this transition.

Thank you.

Fidencio Rivera
Inspector General
Office of Inspector General

In the aftermath of the San Bernardino massacre, former DES director Tim Jeffries directed DES Inspector General, Judge Jay Arcellana and his key team members in the Office of Inspector General (OIG) led by Dr. Charlie Loftus to identify best practices for security details at DES locations.

In April 2017, the ADI reported on multiple incident reports in which DES staff and clientele were at risk. With over 77 social services centers housing approximately 4,000 DES employees servicing close to one million Arizonans in need, staff reported everything from trips-and-falls to one male of Middle Eastern descent threatening everyone from DES staff to President Obama. Based on feedback from DES staff, similar events continue to take place every month.

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  1. Good. The less government walking around with firearms the better. If they to make a bust the local police can help.

    • Unless of course if the person is an illegal immigrant in which case Democrat controlled police departments will refuse to assist the State officials just as they refuse to assist ICE, Time to throw Ducey out of office.

  2. Ignorance knows no limits. Go Republican take arms from trained folks, let and Tom, Dick or Harry carry concealed.

    Another fine mess your narrow minded Republican got us into. Any shock there anyone who knows?

    Golly , golly, golly Gomer Pyle.

    Richard Hernandez

    • As usual Richard, your insight is absolutely spot on. After reading your post I can’t help but agree.
      “Ignorence knows no limits”.

      The Oracle

  3. Hope each one of them goes on strike till they get their firearms back. Lets see what ducey does then.

  4. At least 10 dead in TX, nobody with a gun to stop the killer. What fool thought of this idea of disarming the good guys? This must be a farewell gift by Kirk Adams. The paragraph that was cited as the supporting reason to disarm the sworn police officers at DES:

    R13-4-103.G: “Establishing or enforcing qualifications, standards or training requirements. The Board may waive in whole or in part any provision of the Article upon finding that the best interests of the law enforcement profession are served and the public welfare and safety is not jeopardized by the waiver. The Board may place restrictions or requirements on a peace officer as a condition if certified status.”

    It appears that this action by the Governor has not been approved by the AZPOST Board. Why would they make a premature dictate which is not in accordance with R-13-4-103.G? BUT THE BOARD HAS YET TO MEET TO RENDER A FINDING as specified in R-13-4-103.G. Is the AZPOST Board just a rubber stamp for the Governor’s office?

    I look at the regulation to read that a Department, Agency or Chief would request in front of the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting, that the firearms requirement for their respective peace officers, be reconsidered and further present facts to support a finding in support of that request. THEN, if the Board renders such a finding THEN the Department moves to carry it out. Who is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, why haven’t they spoken up or is he/she too cowardly to stand up for doing the right thing?

    In conclusion, it almost appears this action is being done without consideration for the certification regulation procedures and in an effort to simply remove DES peace officers of an authorized tool with no supportive fact it is being done with consideration, “that the best interests of the law enforcement profession are served and the public welfare and safety is not jeopardized” all while ignoring that state law is superior to Rules. Specifically, ARS 38-1113 says that you cannot disarm law enforcement.

    38-1113. Carrying of firearms by peace officers; exceptions; definitions

    A. Notwithstanding any other law and except as provided pursuant to subsection C of this section, a peace officer shall not be prohibited from carrying a firearm if the peace officer is in compliance with the firearm requirements prescribed by the Arizona peace officer standards and training board.

    • The fool is obviously Governor Ducey, the Democrat in Republican clothing. No sane conservative who reviews his horrible record will vote to re-elect Ducey who is positioning himself to help defeat the Republican Senate candidate in November.

  5. I bet Mr. Ducey has armed body guards….But yet there is a push for ARMED teachers in schools….We can carry concealed even without a permit now(but you’ll have a lot of ” ‘splaining to do” in a situation. As usual make it easier for the nuts to act out without consequences or impedance. I’d think the workers wouldn’t be too excited to see this. Maybe we can start calling Ducey, the sitting DUCKY?

    • A better moniker for Ducey at this point is “the one term Governor” who lost his re-election bid by representing the “resist” Democrats (including Redfored) instead of re;presenting the Republicans that foolishly nominated and elected him to his single abominable term. His political legacy will be a lesson in how a Republican loses an election in Republican Arizona-by thinking he can buy Democrat votes by governing like a Democrat while thinking he can fool conservatives. Ducey`s re-election chances are zip and he may take down many Republican office holders with him, many of whom supported his foolishness.

      • yup – what an ‘Fing’ dork – one done and get out the state… maybe the flake needs a roommate. How does he come up with these stupid things all in a row.

  6. They take away guns of the trained professional law enforcement officers and then say go fight crime, call for help if someone is shooting at you. Sorry if you need to protect some citizen against ISIS or other type of threat. At the same time they lay-off highly trained security guards who are employees of the state and replace them with wantabe contract guards with little to no training who cost much more than the state employee guards. This is from the same people who just tried to pass the school security law? What wacko is running that place, are they a crazy anti-gun liberal? The Attorney General needs to look into this, who is getting the kick backs from switching to the private security guards at a higher price.

  7. I cannot imagine the negative impact this will have on some very important investigations. I suspect this is all retaliation by the Democrats after DES arrested two elected officials a few years ago for public assistance fraud. This a method to rid DES of investigators so the Democrats can have a feast of tax-payers money. Is Leah Landrum-Taylor still running that place? Resist is in full force at DES. Thanks Ducey.

  8. This is proof that Ducey has no clue as to the kind of people that DES has to deal with. The result of living a life of convenience.

  9. “It takes a good person with a gun to stop a bad person with a gun.”
    What is the message here? Is Governor Ducey saying that DES agents are not to be trusted with a firearm? Is he saying these are not good people? Is he saying that he does not trust these people with a gun? 🤔

    • No, as usual Ducey is pandering to the “resist” Democrats. Ducey still hasn`t learned that political pandering is a sure sign of weakness. Ducey`s shellacking by Redfored hasn`t taught him a thing.

  10. facts are there are more crime committed by police officers than the average citizen. Just look at our Sheriffs office, Tucson’s Vice Detective killed while attempting a robbery of a strip club owner (wasn’t to have a gun felon). Retiring old administration then rehiring with full police powers as a with all powers as civilian administrators. The Gagnepain murder non accounting of the County attorney on and on and on. I have 3 current family members that are law enforcement they work hard scary, drink hard, play hard. Two retired one Game and Fish eastern one head of DPS. WE have officers in uniform if DES requires and the joint trafficking can be DPS officers as well. I also believe police officers should only be able to own 2 hand guns and no assault rifles. That’s my belief ass well as once retired as a police officer that is it for your governmental employment in Arizona. WE need to train replacement offer advancement give opportunity to our younger to take over responsibilities spread the wealth so to speak. No corporation would employ such management for anything but self interest and greed.

  11. They only reason DES carry guns was to enter a residence find illegal activity of any kind (warrant-less) seize property put in a claim on assets. Clinton way to finance police,

  12. That means DES personnel will call local law enfocement to stand by them during their investigations to keep them safe. While these same (LEO’s) cannot respond to their own calls, do on-site activity to reduce crime in their own jursidictions. MORONS… and its double taxation. LEOS spend too much time being security guards for other govt agencies like: DCS, mental health staff etc.

  13. The officers mentioned are not the only force being disarmed. As of July 1, The DES Protective Services Officers (armed)are being removed from the various DES offices throughout the state, primarily Phoenix & Tucson areas. These guards provided DES workers peace of mind knowing well trained officers had their backs. These guards are being replaced by contract guards, hopefully, not like the guy who shot up a DES client’s car in Tucson a few weeks ago. Maybe this article will help give the 20 some state guards a reprieve that are being “dumped”.

    • That makes sense, the DES lays off state employees, put them on unemployment and hire less trained contract guards at a higher price to replace the state guards. Ducey and his DES minions are drinking and smoking the same thing a BLUNT from above.

  14. Sanctuary state? 80% of the population detest them. What is the government trying to do, kill us?

  15. I spoke to some DES staff a while back and they think this is a plan to get more old federal retirees to replace the certified officers as investigators. Retired federal investigators have been slowly replacing DES investigators who are certified in Arizona. The retired federal employees can’t become certified officers in Arizona and they want to fill the 25 investigator spots with federal buddies. It is all about money and buddy system. I agree, who is getting the kickback for the guard contracts somebody has to check that out.

  16. Removing Firearms from Police during A DES visit are the dangerous thing! During DES visits the occupants are unstable and drug induced leaving the Police at danger! I hope the Police ignore DES calls and let DES agents step into the danger zone. It will be a though session but Ducy is wrong about his decision!

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