Border Agents Encounter 57 Aliens In Record Heat

Border Patrol agents apprehend large group.

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Ajo Station arrested a large group of aliens during a heatwave, some in distress, including a pregnant female, west of Lukeville Friday afternoon.

Agents were alerted to the group’s location after receiving a call from the Sonora, Mexico’s 9-1-1 center relaying information from persons within the group. The callers, stated they had crossed the border illegally, and requested assistance.

Ajo Station agents patrolling nearby immediately responded to the area, as well as agents from CBP Air and Marine Operations.

Through the collaborative search effort of CBP assets on the ground and in the air, agents encountered 21 adults, 36 minors, 17 of which were unaccompanied, to include a one-year-old toddler. The group was comprised of undocumented aliens, from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Although several appeared to be dehydrated, medically trained agents immediately assessed all the aliens for health concerns, and found only one person required further medical attention. An underage pregnant female, was provided intravenous fluids by Border Patrol EMT’s for dehydration, and is being transported to a local area hospital for further treatment.

All persons found were given water and food, and removed from the 108-degree-temperature stifling the area, to the Ajo Station for processing.

Regardless of the unscrupulous and ill regard for human life attitude by smugglers, Border Patrol Agents work tirelessly to ensure not only the safety and security of our nation but also the safety of those who they come in contact with. Due to the extreme heat, Tucson Sector Border Patrol officials warn that summer is an especially dangerous time to be stranded in Arizona’s desert.


  1. Build a detention center in Picture Rocks for these leeches, cockroaches and criminals. I’m sure their ‘commune’ would welcome the opportunity for new neighbors. They could even put on shows including a court jester dancing in a red hat.

  2. Like I keep saying, we get “only the best and brightest.” If you are too stupid to try to cross the desert in summer time then it simply answers the question and we don’t need you. You bring no skills. only stupidity and will continue the drain on the taxpayer.

  3. If anyone doubts that these 57 illegal immigrants (reportedly including an unaccompanied one year old, if you can believe any parent would allow that!) were influenced to cross the border due to the Democrats` attempts at manipulation of our laws and an uninformed public opinion, they are wrong. The public is uninformed thanks to the manipulation of the news by the Democrats` partners in the media who are experts at such manipulation. So, the coyotes are reported to charge illegals about $10,000 to cross the border, an economic exploitation, and once here the illegals are exploited by the Democrat Party in their efforts to make our complex and flawed immigration laws even more difficult to enforce. It is clear that the Democrats main concern regarding the treatment of illegal immigrants is mainly in furtherance of their efforts to win elections by demonizing our government for doing its job, not out of any real sympathy for the illegals, many of whom believe they should be rewarded with citizenship for breaking our laws and hating our government for enforcement them.

  4. A one year old child, pregnant teen, and 17 unaccompanied minors.
    Thank you CBP for saving their lives.

  5. I have to wonder if the America hating democrats ever stop to think about why people are willing to risk death to get into this country. In most places (socialist/communist/wannabe democrat) countries people are willing to risk death to leave those countries.

    See Berlin in the 60’s and 70’s. See N. Korea. See Venezuela. All democrat dream utopias.

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