America, Who The Hell Are We?

America was created as an asylum from persecution with immigrants from Europe. They risked it all to find a place where they could practice their own version of Christianity and did not like being ruled by a King.

During colonial times people were treated fairly and equally. This continued after World War II with the exception of Blacks in the south. We had some back sliding when we were at war with Japan, rounding up 110,000 to 120,000 Japanese Americans and putting them in internment camps which included 30,000 children. How can we do this to our citizens? What message was sent to these citizens? We are a melting pot. ALL OF US ORGINIALLY CAME FOR SOMEPLACE ELSE. You are only an American if you were born here, or applied and granted citizenship.

After the assassination of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King Jr., America changed. We became an openly racist and anti-Semitic nation. We no longer had to “whisper” in back rooms. President Trump brought racism to the forefront with his campaign for president. It was disturbing to see fellow Americans cheering as Trump denigrated Mexicans, disabled people and anyone else he felt would get him some votes.

Today we have an openly racist anti-Semite Republican running for Senator in Virginia as well as an Iowan Republican congressman who enjoys talking to well-known British anti-Semites. We have a president who said there are “good Nazis.” My two cousins who were killed fighting the “bad Nazis” in Europe should be turning over in their graves. Have we forgotten that WWII was all about fighting the Nazis and the extermination of the Non- Aryan approved class? Some of us may not know that Hitler also rounded up Italians, Greeks, Polish, Soviets, French, political prisoners, Communists, Socialists, trade unionists, Gypsies, “asocial” or “shiftless Germans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals. Oh, so it wasn’t just the Jews? Were your ancestors on his hit list?

It appears we are reinstating the US policy just prior to WWII – never allow Jews and nor non-white children into the US.  How many Americans know that there was a large European ship, The St. Louis, sent to the US during WWII filled with 937 Jews many with US Visas looking to be saved from Hitler’s extermination. But the ship was never allowed to dock in the US.

What the Hell? If we do not believe in the State of Liberty, we should remove it! Are we the land of the free and home of the brave? Do we offered asylum to neighboring countries citizens who are being terrorized? If not, then state the new Policy.

I support allowing others to come here as long as they are sponsored by friends, relatives or agencies who will vouch for them, support and care them. It is not the role of the US government to care for non-citizen immigrants. However it is the role of government to care for its citizens. I believe in a guest worker system that allows migrants to work our fields and fill jobs not wanted by our current citizens. And if that migrant consistently proves his or her dedication to the US, then they should be offered a path to citizenship.

America, Look at Ourselves. President Trump is taking stands against free and democratic countries, our partners, and seems to love the dictators. He lauds unmerited praise on North Korea and Russia dictators and admires them as tough strong leaders. He wants to be our king, our first dictator.

I don’t think President Ronald Reagan would ever use children as “hostages”. This is what Trump is doing. This is the antithesis of humanitarian care. How many American mothers would want their infants taken from them? Certain religious groups who back Trump are just starting to whisper -‘Don’t take children’. Where is the Republican Party? Are they standing up for children? Why not?

Does Trump really think that those who are trying desperately to escape war, rape and murder in their own countries are going to be persuaded from coming here by ripping their children out of their arms? What are their choices? There are no diplomatic channels to escape their danger. Have those who yell loudly about illegal immigration forget that their European ancestors just boarded a boat with little money and many with “no papers” and came to America through Ellis Island? We were a welcoming country them, remembering who we said we are. Many of you are unaware that there are thousands of immigrants being awarded passage into the US. They are just not brown, from Mexico or South America. Trump said he wants Norway citizens because they are white like him.

We have 3.6 Million Dreamers now.  Congress is only considering helping 1.8 Million, half of them.  They have been here all their lives. They are Americans. Grant them some special citizenship and be done with this farce. There is no place to send them back to. They have only lived here.

President Trump denigrates Sen. John McCain because he was captured in war and tortured. How many exemptions did Trump receive for bone spurs in his foot to prevent him for being drafted? He is a true coward and racist that does not deserve to represent the majority of Americans. He certainly does not represent me or my family.

Those of you who are PROUD of his accomplishments believe the ends justify the means. I do not. He could do all the good things without the horrible racist and mean spirited actions.

The Statue of Liberty is inscribed with these word

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

America, either tear down the Statue of Liberty or live by it.

America, who the hell are we Today?

Ira and Jo-Ann Marks


  1. While I found the title of the article interesting, the second I saw Jo-Anne Marks name on it, I uttered “oh brother” and sure enough, just more looney white guilt and an extra large helping of more left wing sore loser anti Trump horse pucks.
    And never to be one to disappoint, thanks for pointing out I’m a racist for voting against Hillary. Thanks for labelling me an anti-semite for voting against Hillary. Thanks for removing my gloves of civility.
    Last time you felt obligated to educate the populace with your point of view, you fancy’d yourself and expert on firearms, gun policy, gun control and the 2nd amendment, and once again you didn’t disappoint in exposing yourself as just over educated idiot.
    Seriously Ms. Marks, besides once again publicly exposing your leftest lunacy, your misguided argument is a total waste of productive reading time.
    Not to further diminish your lack reality Ms. Marks, but we are a country of laws, your comparisons of lady liberty’s inscriptions welcoming legal immigrants Vs. the tidal wave of incoming criminal aliens exposes the depth of your subject matter ignorence and your immeasurable publicly displayed stupidity. Last time I checked, we don’t take our marching orders from inanimate objects and they don’t normally set national policy on immigration or even gun rights for that matter.
    Since you seem to be convienantly totally oblivious to facts, you might want to consider that America does welcome immigrants, but these are not immigrants, these are criminal aliens who presence on US soil is in itself a crime. They are criminals because they failed to follow the law PERIOD!
    And that’s because immigrants unlike criminal aliens go through a process to migrate to America, to become citizens, to assimilate. Unfortunately once again your off on another misguided, emotionally driven, factually devoid tantrum of self righteousness and never ending Trump hate.
    Do you get nose bleeds with your head so high in the sky?
    So go ahead and advocate for the destruction of lady liberty, because unlike you, she values America, it freedoms and its laws.

    The Oracle

  2. Just scanned the article and I threw up my coffee. It is apparent that the writer doesn’t have a clue or does she want one. Straight out of Raul and the rest of the left wing idiot’s talking points. Only the “best and brightest” right? Thought so. No skills, can’t read or write and the taxpayer will pay for them and their families the rest of their lives. Great gig for the taxpayers, right??? Hey Jo-Ann, might want to cast a glance east and look at Europe and their uncontrolled immigration and see what the “best and brightest” have brought with them into their new “homes.” Can you say NOTHING?

  3. I’m one of those with a relative killed by a young illegal alien drunk and high on heroin crashing his stolen car so I have little use for amnesty propaganda. The illegal alien only got 36 years for killing 3 innocent bystanders by making an emotional plea to the judge that he found God and was sorry.

    I recently checked his jail record – at least one and sometimes more violations every year for fighting with officers or inmates, contraband, etc.

  4. Ira and Jo-Ann how many MS-13 “kids” have you both adopted? So easy to talk the talk. There are a lot out there for you to choose from. Help us out and really look for those special ones.

  5. Joann-Marks…your surname should have been spelled, Marx. Anyone who believes people were treated fairly and equally during colonial times is a complete buffoon and never graduated elementary school. I guess ‘fabrication of facts’ is the new norm for wacko’s like yourself and the dim-witted socialists.

  6. Thanks, ADI, for publishing Ms. Marks’s breath of fresh air. And commenters, name-calling is no substitute for rational debate. And rational debate is what we need, bipartisan efforts to define a policy that works and enact it into law.

    As to “criminal aliens,” if we all take a look back at our own ancestor’s immigrant history, might find some interesting stuff. If they were immigrant workers who went on strike, for instance, they were probably “criminal aliens.” If they were indentured servants who ran away from abuse, they were “criminal aliens.” If they drank during prohibition, they were “criminal aliens.” If they settled on stolen native lands, they were at a minimum complicit in genocide. Let those without sin (in their family history) cast the first stone.

    • The really great thing about this Country is the fact that if you are offended by the alleged abuse of the earlier citizens in the past, you are free to leave at any time, unlike those bastions of “freedom” from 50+ years past, like the USSR, Communist China , Cuba, and remember the wall dividing Berlin, not to keep people out but to keep them in and learning about true freedom.

    • @Albert: A breath of fresh air? That’s a stretch. You really need to change that filter on your O2 concentrator if that’s your idea of fresh air, it’s obvious it’s past due.
      In all seriousness, let’s fully build the wall and then we can openly debate, because until the tidal wave of incoming criminal aliens is stopped and controlled we don’t have an effective immigration policy, instead it’s being subverted by criminals who are here illegally violating our sovereignty.
      This is not immigration, this is an invasion of criminal aliens.
      Immigrants migrate, they follow the laws, but these aren’t immigrants, these are criminals the moment they arrive for not following the law. Rejoice the emotional insanity clouing ones judgement and it’s suddenly not rocket science, but it’s still ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL trespass.
      If criminal aliens weren’t doing anything wrong as you and Ms. Marks suggest, why are they being arrested in the first place?
      I couldn’t help but notice you somehow forgot to mention Ms. Marks by name when you pointed out your objections to name calling. But please don’t dismiss her frontal name calling attacks, because according to the enlightened author, anyone who failed to vote for the criminally flawed princess is a racist and and anti semite, her words not mine. And if I recall you stated you didn’t vote for Hillary either. Are you enjoying being told your a racist and an anti semite Albert?
      And if Ms. Marks feels compelled to publicly hurl insulting slurs, I’m equally compelled to publicly point out the obvious and tell her she’s a total dumbass.
      We are being flooded with criminal aliens, we need a wall to effectively control this problem. Are you equally impassioned against New Orleans for building levies to control its flooding?
      Build the wall and secure the border and then effectively control immigration. Only then can true debate on the issue occur.

      The Oracle

  7. All I can say is that if you look in the mirror everything you say about our President is clearly visible on your own face. My family has been here in Tucson since the mid 1800’s and I feel as if maybe you all should leave here but I am no bigot. I am no racist either. My family is both Apache Indian and Spanish, not Mexican. Do you know what the Mexican people did to Indians here? Do you even care? They brutally murdered them, enslaved them as they have done to their own Indian populations.
    I do know that this country cannot support the kind of immigration you believe in, complete open borders. Why should my children and grandchildren live in poverty working to support the shiftless and criminal? If you feel so strongly please take in a family of illegal immigrants, urge your friends to do the same.
    You talk of Nazi’s and Auschwitz,what do you know about the camps? I know because my father-in law told me about it first hand. You know nothing, and if you think that harassing Trump supporters, threatening the life of President Trump and his family is fighting for liberty, I call BS! Your the ones who should be ashamed. It is the democratic party that has dragged it’s feet for years. Why was nothing done during eight years of the obama admin?
    History tells a story;
    “Over the past 100 years the Democratic party has held power nearly twice as long as the Republicans in both the Senate and the House. And the Democratic party has had control of the White House and the two Houses of Congress for 35 years, compared to 16 years for the Republican party over the last 100 years.”
    Go cry a river someplace else.

  8. Once again the left conflates LEGAL vs ILLEGAL. No one is against LEGAL immigration. It is ILLEGAL immigration we are trying to stop. When I see that conflation at the beginning of an article, I know that the author is either ignorant or dishonest, and the rest is probably not even worth looking at.

  9. On the news this morning BP found a home with about 60 illegal aliens, the coyote had stashed them there. It reported that each person had paid $9,000 to the coyote. With that amount of money,why didn’t they just use it to come over legally? For applications, forms and legal counsel. We’re looking at about $1,000 for a green card and a possible wait of a few years. About $5,000 for legal counsel. So then about a few thousand to support yourself in Mexico while you wait, or a U.S. sponsor. I am sure it’s not easy but most just want to cut thru the line and pass Legal immigrants willing to do things lawfully, and then ride the Gravy Train that the democrats offer in return for Votes. Definitely not Fair to U.S. Citizens who must shoulder the Burden, while the Fat Cats pay nothing.

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