Liberalism, Prejudice, Discrimination, Hatred — One And The Same

Strange how left-leaning liberals were quick to denounce a baker who turned away a customer. Or a pizza store who turned away a customer. Or a florist who turned away a customer. All were openly and vehemently denounced as “phobes”, “bigots”, “prejudice”, “haters” and etc.

But let a liberal restaurant owner (after taking a vote from her liberal staff) ask a woman and her family to leave her restaurant, discriminating against her because of her employment status, and liberals offer barely a squeak of condemnation.

I refer to a restaurant in Virginia which asked Sarah Sanders to leave because they disagree with the politics of her boss, President Donald Trump.

We have seen this kind of discrimination before.

YOUR kind will ride in the back of MY bus! YOUR type may not drink from THESE drinking fountains! We can’t have any like YOU in OUR country club! Sleeping for YOUR sort is not allowed in THIS hotel! HELP WANTED—those of YOUR ilk need not apply!

If Sarah Sanders were turned away from a bus, a drinking fountain, a country club, a hotel or a job for her employment status—would the liberals cheer? If she were turned away for being female–would the liberals cheer? If a gay man were turned away–would the liberals cheer?

If a woman were turned away due to the color of her skin—would the liberals cheer?

A woman is turned away because she works for Pres. Trump and the liberals cheer.

Does anyone see a difference? Is there really any difference?

This incident is proof liberals are truly the worst in exercising prejudice, discrimination and hatred.

Anyone curious how the left-leaning liberals and their cohorts in the news media would have responded if a conservative restaurant owner had kicked a member of the Obama staff out of his establishment?

David Morse
Pima, AZ


  1. And yet the liberals see nothing wrong with this. In fact the party even voted a young socialist to congress because she believes in socialism which is the polar opposite of a capitalistic system that this country employs and pays the bills of millions of workers. Yea, they are stupid alright, and don’t have a clue and don’t want one. And yet no one mentions their brown shirts the antifa. What a worthless political party that loves socialism and big government and hates those that are successful in life.

  2. Liberalism is the reason Pima County & Tucson are in such trouble. 40 years of spending other peoples money down a rat hole shows up all over this county. Just keep voting the Bronsons, Elias’, Valadez’s, Grajalva’s & now Christy’s into positions of power where there’s $$$ involved and all you get for your hard earned $$ are whining, complaining parasites.

  3. Interesting that the author seems to consider a handful of dumb incidents equal to or far worse than hundreds of years of slavery, segregation, lynchings, and institutionalized racism; worse than homophobia that has cost so many their livlihoods, and even their lives; worse than continuing to pay women less than men for the same work; worse than the prejudice and discrimination that continues to marginalize immigrants as our immigrant ancestors were marginalized — remember “No Irish Need Apply?”

    P.S. The happiest countries in the world seem to have combined elements of democratic “socialism” with well-regulated capitalism, providing health care and education along with profits. If we want to rant against “big government,” let’s start with the current U.S. government-by-executive-order that has replaced the checks and balances of our Constitution — and that is bipartisan. “Power corrupts” is, perhaps, the only “law” of history.

    • Get off it Al. NO ONE has said these recent incidents of mob intimidation by Democrats are worse than slavery, segregation, lynchings and racism and etc. AND YOU KNOW IT. Do YOU remember when unions, as late as the 8o`s practiced brutal racism against blacks, Hispancs and American Indians and harassed women who dared work in a “male job” as determined by the UAW, the AF of L, the CIO annd all the rest?

      • Maybe we didn’t read the same article…? That one above these comments? “We have seen this kind of discrimination before.
        YOUR kind will ride in the back of MY bus! YOUR type may not drink from THESE drinking fountains! We can’t have any like YOU in OUR country club! Sleeping for YOUR sort is not allowed in THIS hotel! HELP WANTED—those of YOUR ilk need not apply!”

        And, yes, some unions practiced racism and sexism, and many didn’t. The CIO fought racism for the most part, and I am proud of my time as a union official in a long-integrated union helping to take down the last barriers against women in what had previously been “male” jobs — a gimmick that allowed the bosses to pay women less.

        Sadly, racism and misogyny have raised their ugly faces in public again, along with name-calling instead of rational debate. Incivility afflicts all political stripes in today’s overheated discourse. Maybe the anonymous commenters here can start a new trend. Instead of calling people “fascist intolerant bullies” we might say, “I respectfully disagree because….”

    • Instead of trying convert Americans to ‘happy, dependent socialists/communists’ maybe you should just meet up with them? Venezuela might be just the right fit for you to share the misery of communism and dependence.

  4. Proving once again, If it wasn’t for double standards, the left would have no standards.

    The Oracle

  5. Clearly, Liberals live by A. Hitler’s maxim, “Force will always succeed unless opposed by an equal or greater force.” For this reason, it is incumbent upon those of us who uphold the US Constitution and the laws of this land to oppose all of the Liberals’ bullying, preferably within the law.

    • Thanks for the link, I too walked away during the Clinton years. It was that bald face liar Clinton, claiming he ” never had sex with that woman”.
      I had enough, left and have never looked back, but have seen how insane the democrat party has become. I urge readers to watch the video,

  6. About 40 years ago there used to be signs up at many establishments that read ” We Reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”, the it was changed to “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” Now it seems that if own a business you have to serve everyone whether you want to or not. I believe that a business owner should have the right to refuse service to anyone (To bake or not bake a cake) Let the free market decide how long they stay in business. But what is good for the goose should also be good for the gander, it doesn’t matter Left or Right everyone has the same rights

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