Liberalism, Prejudice, Discrimination, Hatred — One And The Same

Strange how left-leaning liberals were quick to denounce a baker who turned away a customer. Or a pizza store who turned away a customer. Or a florist who turned away a customer. All were openly and vehemently denounced as “phobes”, “bigots”, “prejudice”, “haters” and etc.

But let a liberal restaurant owner (after taking a vote from her liberal staff) ask a woman and her family to leave her restaurant, discriminating against her because of her employment status, and liberals offer barely a squeak of condemnation.

I refer to a restaurant in Virginia which asked Sarah Sanders to leave because they disagree with the politics of her boss, President Donald Trump.

We have seen this kind of discrimination before.

YOUR kind will ride in the back of MY bus! YOUR type may not drink from THESE drinking fountains! We can’t have any like YOU in OUR country club! Sleeping for YOUR sort is not allowed in THIS hotel! HELP WANTED—those of YOUR ilk need not apply!

If Sarah Sanders were turned away from a bus, a drinking fountain, a country club, a hotel or a job for her employment status—would the liberals cheer? If she were turned away for being female–would the liberals cheer? If a gay man were turned away–would the liberals cheer?

If a woman were turned away due to the color of her skin—would the liberals cheer?

A woman is turned away because she works for Pres. Trump and the liberals cheer.

Does anyone see a difference? Is there really any difference?

This incident is proof liberals are truly the worst in exercising prejudice, discrimination and hatred.

Anyone curious how the left-leaning liberals and their cohorts in the news media would have responded if a conservative restaurant owner had kicked a member of the Obama staff out of his establishment?

David Morse
Pima, AZ

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