Cleaning Day For McSally: Sunday’s Comic

Ward Calls Flake An “Embarrassment,” McSally “Worse”

On Thursday, Dr. Kelli Ward launched an ad comparing Rep. Martha McSally to the highly unpopular Sen. Jeff Flake. “Jeff Flake is an embarrassment to Arizona and Martha McSally is proving to be even worse,” claims Ward in the ad.

Ward’s ad debuted on the James T. Harris radio show on KFYI in Phoenix.

Ward and McSally are in the Republican Primary battle for Flake’s Senate seat. Flake did not have enough support to keep his Senate seat and announced that he would not run earlier this year.

Since then, Flake has been a loud and vocal critic of President Trump. Unlike Flake, McSally’s view of Trump and his policies are unclear. McSally must run to the right in the primary. As a result, her team appears to be scrubbing evidence of her previous progressive positions.

According to CNN, McSally’s office removed from public view a video on YouTube of her defending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.

McSally has been fairly masterful at creating her public personae….

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  1. McSally has been fairly masterful at creating her public personae….
    Don’t you just love the McCain machine that continues to spew out garbage like this. Say one thing and do another, right Johnnie??? Just like you taught her. Lie to the voters, they will never find out or care is her motto. Get caught in a lie, simply say I don’t remember, isn’t that the catch phrase for all of the swamp scum now???

  2. Ward is entirely correct. Both are a waste of space. That goes for the malevolent McCain as well.

    • Governor Ducey is another Democrat in Republican clothing. NO self-respecting conservative would have forced the Arizona legislature into increasing a teacher demanded pay hike while those same teachers were conducting an illegal strike to get their way!

  3. Don’t forget left-wing She’s nothing but a McCain sycophant put into the CD2 race by the elite open border RINOs. Her campaign advisor is from DC. The same people that put McSally in are working for left-wing Lea that had to read answers from her clipboard at the only forum to which she ever showed up. If Left-wing Lea is the R. candidate the seat will easily turn Democratic.

    • I have been a conservative my entire life McCain turned me independent when he sided with Hillary and her health plan in the mid 90’s. If Lea gets the nomination I will vote dem for the first time in my life. At least they are for the most part honest about their stupidity. Lea is just plain dishonest.

  4. Hillary Clinton must be giving Martha some cleaning tips? Wouldn’t you just love to get ahold of her text messages? 😲

  5. Great cartoon on point. Thank you, ADI! Martha also refused to return support to AZ-CD3 Republican candidate Sergio Arellano telling him that “Grijalva is a friend.”Check out the website, regarding an AZ-CD2 scrubber candidate-another example of a candidate who says one thing but strongly believes another. It won’t work in 2018. Arizona is wise to the McCain-Flake formula candidates.

  6. Anyone backed by Thug McStain of fracus Flake is someone to RUN AWAY FROM! As fast as you can!

  7. Word in district 2 is that Martha McCain as going to have a difficult time getting reelected so she was so grateful when McFlake bailed and opened a place to go.

  8. Raul Grijalva is another scumbag Democrat who used the tax payer funded committee operation budget to pay off a former staffer who claimed Raul Grijalva was often drunk and created a hostile workplace environment. Of course, has this been covered by any of the national cable news outlets? Of course not!

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