TUSD Money To Burn: Sunday’s Comic

TUSD receives windfall from state, immediately overspends
By Hank Stephenson Arizona Daily Star

Despite receiving the largest infusion of state funding in more than a decade, Tucson Unified School District failed to balance its budget Tuesday and will start off the new fiscal year having to make cuts….

The TUSD budget adopted Tuesday night on a 4-0 vote, with board member Mark Stegeman absent, includes funding to provide salary increases for all employees……

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  1. It’s the people’s money. It used to be important, but now our elected officials feel they and they alone are the important ones.
    Sadly, the people and thier money are unimportant to the elected few who squander public funds.
    More spectacular then a rope, the French aren’t using thier guillotines, perhaps we could borrow them for our own profligates.

    The Oracle

  2. At the may meeting, there was a member of admin trying to get the attention of most of the board members saying that there was enough funds in the regular budget to affect the salary increases of teachers, and well as support staff, before TUSD even received funds.

    I had engaged in a conversation with her during a break and before she approached another board member. Stepping back to allow them some privacy I was welcomed to walk along with them. The ensuing conversation devolved into personal attacks on other board members, Inappropriate language describing their opinion of the other board member and vulgarity.

    Simple decorum and respect did not even seem to be concern, let alone interest in finding out how funding he could advance a conversation and plan to advance positive, creative solutions it became clear that the students and taxpayers are of no concern of the board.

    There is no way for us to expect the TUSD to manage either the finances of TUSD or managing as Servant Leaders for its students or taxpayers. Politics in Tucson and Pimaa county is all about the ponzi scheme, not about stewardship and accountability.

  3. TUSD is so stupid they must believe that if you keep making the same mistakes their results will improve. But what else could they believe. Run by Adelita for 16 straight years. Mismanaged So bad basically the whole eastside has left the district. She’s up for her 5th term and if the district voters re seat her my prediction is the district will implode on itself.

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