“McCain” Issues Statement, No Appearance On 4th

If he was ever going to make a public appearance again, political pundits felt certain the Fourth of July Sen. John McCain would come into view. Yet on Wednesday, only images of senator’s daughter Meghan and her husband were available to the public.

Expectations for a Sen. McCain sighting were high given his tradition celebrating Independence Day with service members and diplomats stationed abroad.

This year however, only a statement issued through his office and posted on Twitter was forthcoming.

The Republican senator is battling an aggressive form of brain cancer. He has not been seen publicly since he returned to his family’s compound in Cornville, Arizona before the Senate’s last Christmas break.

Meghan, a political commentator and a co-host of ABC’s “The View,” and her husband Ben Domenech, publisher The Federalist and a CBS News contributor shared photos of friends at the compound celebrating the holiday. None of the photos included the senator.

Despite the fact that there was no sighting of – or sound from – the senator, the Arizona Republic published a puff piece on Wednesday afternoon, implying his good health: John McCain, Family Celebrate 4th of July.

Arizonans have grown uncomfortable with the seeming disappearance of the senator. Last week, conservative radio talk show host, James T. Harris shared an opinion piece that had gone viral by Republican strategist Constantin Querard, in which the senator’s inability to perform public duties was discussed.

In his piece, The Media Owes Us The Truth About Senator McCain, Querard makes it clear that his questions about the media’s handling of the senator’s condition should not be “construed as any sort of an attack on Sen. John McCain.”

“In fact, we can assume he may be unaware of what is going on, which is to a large degree the real problem,” wrote Querard referring to the senator. “Anyone who is familiar with the cruel disease he is suffering from knows certain medical facts and statistics very well. Articles that came out when Sen. McCain and his family first announced his disease last July, indicated a 95% mortality rate within 13 months of the primary glioblastoma diagnosis. If you know anyone who has been down this path with this disease then you are aware of the mental degradation when it comes to the patient’s speech and cognitive abilities, especially towards the later months.”

Querard called on the public to “include Sen. McCain in our prayers — that the good Lord gives him comfort and peace and brings the same to his family.” At the same time, Querard gave voice to McCain’s constituents who have grown weary of his absence:

There are those in Arizona who are unhappy their Senator is absent and not voting on their behalf. With the United States Senate so closely divided, McCain’s absence is the same as a NO vote on everything before the Senate that requires 51 or 60 votes to pass. That matters a great deal on major legislation and potentially could be a huge deal if we end up with a Supreme Court vacancy. Nevertheless, it is not unusual for elected officials with health problems to hang on to their seats while they recover. Mark Kirk was a US Senator from Illinois who suffered a stroke during his first year in office and was absent for a lengthy period during his recovery, and that is but one example. There are those who will tsk tsk any discussion of the fact that recovery is not a realistic outcome for McCain, because his lifetime of service and his status as a genuine American hero has largely earned him the right to keep his seat no matter how important an active Senator might be to the state or country.

The real problem, more accurately the likely scandal that is largely being ignored both by those close to the Senator, by virtually the entire media, and by Washington DC as a whole, is that Senator McCain is simultaneously invisible from the public for obvious reasons, while remarkably active in terms of public statements and policy positions. Again, if you know people who have suffered from this disease, you know full well that in their later months, none of them would likely be participating in philosophical or political policy debates. None of them would likely be drafting policy positions for press releases.

According to sources, there is mounting pressure on both the senator’s camp and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to have the senator step down and appoint McCain’s wife Cindy in time for the Senate’s vote on the replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

President Donald Trump spoke to four potential replacements for retiring Kennedy last week. The president has said that he will name his nominee on July 9. The White House then hopes to have Kennedy’s replacement confirmed in time for the court’s next session in October.


  1. I will never forget when the senator voted thumbs down on a healthcare bill devised to do away with obamacare! And that will forever be a defining moment of his legacy! He won’t step down and regretfully, arizona citizens do not have a voice. Another defining legacy moment!

  2. I lost a family member to brain cancer last December. We found out about it at about the same time as McCain was diagnosed.
    October 19. By December 9 she was gone.
    But her metal clarity was gone within 2 weeks of diagnosis.
    My sympathy for his family is immense.
    There is no way he has the faculty to carry out his duties.
    Maybe the legislature can remove him from office?
    What is his daughter trying to prove? That everything at their “compound” is great? Why isn’t she spending quality time with her father?
    My whole family was consumed with our family member’s condition.
    But then again we don’t have hired servants to do our hard tasks.

    • Condolences on your loss. Prayers for McCain family and for other families and patients facing this illness.

  3. This would be a great opportunity for the governor to give a leg up to one of our Republican reps who could be in a good position to defend the seat in 2020. That is not Cindy McCain (or the daughter, or any of the McCain lackeysand hangers on). Make it count, Doug.

    • The only way Governor Ducey will “make it count” is to his personal benefit. We all know it and it is one of the main reasons Governor Ducey is not fit to be re-elected. The other main reason Ducey should not be re-elected is he is a never Trumper (his protestations to the contrary notwithstanding) and counts as his closest political allies, Senators McCain and Flake both of whom have been rejected by Republican voters because like Ducey, they support Democrat Party policies, not Republican ones.

  4. when the put up the statue I hope the train the pigeon to bomb and strafe it as a reminder of the above noted qualities of his work.

  5. Sen. McCain while I hope for you to recover it is well past time for you to retire, and let someone do a much better job than you have ever done in office.

  6. Just one less vote for the new supreme court nominee. Thanks John, what great representation you have given the voters in Arizona for the last 4 terms you have been in office. A rock could do for us what you have done. Step down NOW because you have become a true farce, but then its all about YOU isn’t it Johnnie….it always was wasn’t it.

  7. Arizona partying with “Bernie McLame” stuck with dead representation – then again its an identical situation with McFlake and he’s doesn’t seem to be closer to death than Jonnie just acts the same…

  8. IMHO: Any attempts to appoint Cindy (McLame2) to fill John’s (McLame1) vacant seat is a little more then a lame feel good gesture. It stinks of the McCain machines inability to accept defeat, even through death.
    She and the family should spend thier time grieving at the loss of a husband and father, not shoring up political alliances.
    Short of being a beer distributor heiress and having demonstrated choosing men of poor ethical qualities to exchange bodily fluids with, what do we really know about her?
    Does Arizona really want a rebooted McLame version 2.0?

    The Oracle

    • I know some of her work in Operation Smile because I have been a trainsltor for them, and she was there with the children the whole time in Nha Trang, and the many other places in VietNam. She has also does other ones like American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, and shoes for children.

      • Yes her charitable work is attention grabbing to say the least, in fact according to previous ADI articles, from 1989 to 1992, Cindy McCain was a drug addict. She was addicted to Percoset and Vicodin.
        Rather than go to a street dealer or doctor shop like Rush Limbaugh, McCain stole pills from the charity she founded.
        McCain had founded The American Voluntary Medical Team, a relief organization whose purpose was to aid Third World countries and readily supply her growing opioid addiction needs.
        Seriously Mike, if we’re gonna white wash her in Lily white paint, let’s use the big broad brush.

        The Oracle

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