Nintzel Sniffs Out A Story: Sunday’s Comic

Not much has changed in Pima County…. and for Nintzel? The obsession seems to only intensify….

“Innuendo, Plagiarism, Fabrication, Gossip And General Bullshit” In Pima County

The above quote is from Tucson Weekly political writer Jim Nintzel describing the Arizona Daily Independent’s reporting in his “The Skinny” column of November 3.  His article is yet another attack on Supervisor Ally Miller, and on Kim DeMarco, District 3 challenger to Supervisor Sharon Bronson.  While this reporter is okay with reporters having opinions and expressing them – I do it myself – it crosses an ethical line when done at the behest of political cronies trying to influence an election to oust one of their employers, an elected supervisor.

Consider this December 5, 2015, email from Pima County Communications Director Mark Evans to County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry about Miller’s opposition to paying hundreds of thousands more for a property purchase than an independent appraisal showed it was worth:

“I’ve held off posting replies on Miller’s Facebook page until this page was ready to go.  Want to hit her with both at the same time since it’s sure to cause a reaction. (BTW, I told McNamara what we’re up to and he thinks it’s a story.  So does Nintzel.)”

Huckelberry said, “Proceed.”

To read more — “Innuendo, Plagiarism, Fabrication, Gossip And General Bullshit” In Pima County — click here

Editor’s Note: On July 3, 2018 the ADI’s Loretta Hunnicutt became a part-time employee in Supervisor Ally Miller’s office.


  1. Sounds like the ‘reporter’ of this one just woke up from 1 1/2 year sleep, found his own rear and took a sniff.

    When a liberal/progressive/socialist/communist calls himself a “reporter” with no credentials, it’s FAKE NEWS!

  2. No, What, Again, fake news is when you — and I do mean YOU — decide something is a certain way regardless of facts and continue to spew it out. Labeling me diverts attention from the issues at hand. And who does that serve?? — the very politicians and cronies you sometimes rant about when you are not attacking me. You may be misguided but sincere, or you may be a plant, a hack doing the bidding of those who want to divert attention from their own misdeeds. That, by the way, is a classic ploy by communists I’ve known…hmmm….

    For the record: I wrote regularly over a decade for Desert Times and occasionally for the Marana News, Explorer and Tucson Weakly. New owners and editors didn’t like my research on the county administrator’s efforts to run I-11 through the Avra Valley and cut me loose. To paraphrase a Leon Russell song: “The right says I’m left and the left says I’m wrong.” So I must be doing something right.

    Good luck in the new gig, Lori; The Weakly’s attack on you for that is both a cheap shot and deliberately cruel. Hey — they should hire What, Again — he’d fit in perfectly. Might have to give up that anonymity he hides behind, though. Not sure he’s got the guts to do that.

  3. Nintzel is a total loser as evidenced by his slanted opinion pieces. It’s the only way he knows. Left. Far left. And pure BS. He wouldn’t recognize a fact if it slapped him in the face. Nor would he care. Defending the status quo and his cronies is far too important to his pocketbook.

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