Meghan McCain Tweeting For Contributions For Father’s Scottsdale Mural

Meghan McCain’s net worth is reportedly $4 million, and her parents’ net worth stands at $200 million, but that didn’t stop her from asking for contributions to fund a mural of her father in Old Town Scottsdale.

The star of “The View” shared a plea for contributions on Twitter. The response from Arizonans was swift and brutal:

McCain’s wife, Cindy, tweeted “This is so special” on Saturday referring to the mural.

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“The Maverick mural will be located in the heart of “Old Town” Scottsdale on the north elevation of the 4235 N. Marshall Way building, adjacent to a surface parking lot, and across the street from the Bob Parks Horse Fountain,” according to the Kickstarter funding page. “Its dimensions are massive: 30 feet tall by 120 feet long, totaling roughly 4,001 square feet.”


  1. let his picture be of one, lost behind all the voters he has left behind, the ones who voted for him and he has ignored for his own purpose, the ones he has failed to represent.. paint the wall dark black

    • A solid black wall with a public urinal dead center.
      Most befitting to the worthless self centered POS.

      The Oracle

  2. Him in a bird cage would be more appropriate, memorializing his singing like a canary in his betrayal of the United States of America. Very few have lived off the backs of Americans like the weasel McCain, and many died and were injured because of his incompetence. He should be tried for Sedition and Treason.

  3. all the money he and his family made off the backs of tax payers, ARE you kidding me!!! do not think so, I would rather give my money to the real hero’s of the VN war. Shame on the family for even posting this!!

  4. Gonna be nice here and it isn’t easy, you might want to re think this Meghan, we deplorables see yo daddy in a much different light than you do, I’ll leave it at that

  5. “Rumor has it the only donations for the McCain mural (graffiti in the eyes of Republican voters) received to date are from Governor Ducey, Senator Crazy Jeff Flake and their fake Republican clones, Rep Martha McSally and Lea Marquez-Peterson. .

  6. McCain represents that a powerful daddy can cover a multitude of sins… a fire, a pardon for singing, a mockingbird media to create a nonexistent hero…
    The CIA must have thought him valuable to the NWO.
    Now the rich as usual get others to pay for their egos.

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!Best joke I have heard today. McCain wants to soak the taxpayers who he could care less about one more time for a “memorial” to a real ass. He wants a memorial, pay for it himself. Lord knows he stole, woops, saved enough of our money to make it happen.

  8. I suggest we all send them contribution check of $1.00. The processing cost for them will far exceed that……

  9. Didn’t know that much about John McCain until I heard many comments so started researching. Hmmmm, not the hero I thought he was.

  10. Can’t remember how many houses they have, but the public should fund his egomaniacal mural? Sorry Meg, I’ll pass…

  11. I would like him stuffed and set on fire in Washington square and shot at by snipers and flaim throwers and his ashes put in Hillary Clinton coffee with cianide and her body tied to Obama’s and dropped in killawia volcano to stop global warming. This sacrafice to God would be the start to ease the nightmare we lived for 9 years.

  12. I supported Senator McCain for a long time, too long. There’s an old saying John: Never bite the hand that feeds you.

  13. If as Arizonians, you feel you have “experienced” John McCain, I as a native New Yorker feel the same way about Trump. However both of our perspectives, make me feel as if We, Americans, are choking on our own bile. It’s very sad regardless of which side(s) you’re on.

  14. Meghan-
    You and your family have more than enough $$$$ to pay for your daddy’s mural. In fact, I would love to see your lovely family pay everything for it: The labor, the equipment, the portable bathrooms, the lunches, and lastly——-the private (read family will pay for this service)means to pay for graffiti removal!

  15. We all have our opinions this is mine. Mr. McCain you’re ill and dying we all know this for your family I’m sorry for them and I’m sorry for you. But your daughter with her good intentions I’m assuming decided to ask for donations for your mural to be done to commemorate your service to Arizona. Well you serve the country you became prisoner of war and was released several years later and for that I’m sorry you had to go through. But they are people hungry and homeless in this country pushing shopping carts around not knowing where the next meal is coming from. And I can tell you this we don’t need another mural commemorating anybody we need to feed the hungry and homeless in this country. And that’s where I will donate my money to is to help those in need not those who have way too much as it is. And as far as your daughter goes I would quit the view because that is the most ridiculous hateful show I’ve ever watched. Your inheritance will be great Megan just relax it won’t be long

  16. Cannot blame any of you for no Support of any of these TRAITORS to the American people….. The nerve of them… Trying to change the United States to some Muslim Brotherhood. OWO SHARIA LAW, STEALING THE MONEY FROM GOOD DECENT CITIZENS, Astronomical LIES, CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING, DRUG DEALS, KILLING COMPOUND FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN MASS SHOOTINGS….TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK

  17. You people are sad with some of your replies. Who died and told you that this is your country. We all fought for this country and we all have the right to be here.

  18. Lord have mercy ,almost all these comments are so unbelievably hurtful,who are these people…..where are their Christian values ….hateful absolutely hateful….I’m praying for this country…..but I’m voting too!

    • Wendy, our Christian values are fine, his choices are now about religion, or religious ethic, he chose to ignore those that voted him into office for his own agenda and purposes – reap what you sow – he left his state behind… that is how he will be remembered – let the dead bury the dead.

  19. Gee, if they can’t afford it, maybe sell one of those FIVE houses he couldn’t recall where they were. HAHAHAHA! Joke’s on them. Oh, and I sincerely hope he DOESN’T rest in peace.

  20. But, wait; they’ll probably have his funeral that day so he’ll get the ultimate press coverage. Ego maniac to the end.

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