McSally Mea Culpa: Sunday’s Comic

Watch Martha McSally Explain Her McCain Snub
By James T. Harris

Martha McSally is the establishment pick and a protègè of Senator McCain, so why didn’t she mention her mentor at the signing of a bill named after him?

Meghan McCain, the daughter of the Senator, did not take the snub lightly. She fired off a Tweet that got picked up by the Arizona Republic. Now McSally finds herself caught in a very embarrassing situation that exposes her political naïvety and duplicity…..

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  1. Rep McSally was heard to lament: “But Senator Flake and Governor Ducey both said I didn`t have to mention my complete support of my political mentor Senator McCain until after the election. Didn`t Megan get the memo?”

  2. Sadly I already voted by mail, had I know this about McSally I would have been tempted to circle excessively outside the dot next to Ward’s name, instead out of ignorance I was limited to only circling inside the open dot next to Ward’s name.
    Sorry Martha, I only voted for you to kick Ron Barber to the curb, now it’s your turn to park your ass next to his.

    The Oracle

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