Hurricane Florence And Fake News

It seems that Trump Derangement Syndrome infects everything, even hurricanes. With the approach of Hurricane Florence to the U.S. east coast, the fake news media are saying that the policies of President Trump, such as leaving the Paris Climate Accord, are contributing to global warming which, they claim, makes hurricanes stronger and more frequent.

A typical example is the Washington Post: “Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.”

Perhaps the “Posties” should pay proper attention to the science which shows that there is no relationship between warming and frequency or strength of hurricanes.

Even the often politically correct National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says: “In summary, neither our model projections for the 21st century nor our analyses of trends in Atlantic hurricane and tropical storm counts over the past 120+ yr support the notion that greenhouse gas-induced warming leads to large increases in either tropical storm or overall hurricane numbers in the Atlantic.” (Source)

Research meteorologist Dr. Ryan N. Maue (website: keeps track of hurricanes and tropical cyclones. His data show, that as earth warmed from the cold spell in the 1970s (when the media were predicting return to another ice age) there has been no increase in frequency nor in the overall trend of energy in these storms.

In related article #1 below we find that “catastrophic hurricane strikes were more frequent 1,000 to 2,000 years ago than in the most recent 1,000 years.”

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” –Aldous Huxley

“The great tragedy of science – the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.” –Thomas Henry Huxley

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  1. I have to smile when I see global warming – it is GOD who is saying to the earth’s people, I’m coming, these are the signs of my return, storms, earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars, unrest, unloving people, crime, hate, distrust and group against group.. the list goes on – are the birth pangs of my coming – man will become so afraid from these events that they will allow the one world government of Satan to take over for short time, but dawn will bring another day and Christ is on the way, Maranatha. The Red Heifer birth story in Israel is interesting, from the unbelieving Jewish, those that believe Christ was not the messiah… the temple being rebuilt – the heifer needed for animal sacrifices that will resume – it is the time in which we live, like no other generation

  2. The power of the sun dictates climate/weather. When the sun does not radiate as much power, the earth has ice ages. When the sun radiates more power we have warming. Humans have no more influences on the climate than a single bug in a cave.
    “Never expect honesty, integrity or even credibility from academia, it is not part of their curriculum and not part of the liberal syllabus.”

  3. If WAPO were correct then the European counties that did sign the Paris agreement are complicit too because NONE of them are meeting their own voluntary goals as promised in the agreement. MO?

    • AH….. BUT the Wetter Channel explained all that….. the two strolling in the background were ON PAVEMENT while the poor reporter was ON GRASS (green stuff I thought) and the reporter was also TIRED. (That the reporter was ON GRASS, probably NOT the green stuff, I now know why weather people get the forecasts alllllll screwed up.)

  4. I have to smile when ever I hear stuff like global warming, and change. Of course it is as we are still coming out of the last ice age. If I remember right it has been the 5th or 6th ice age for the earth. This hunk of rock we live on changes every micro second to the next, and will do so if we are here or not. Just like it has for billions of years. In the old ages we talked about cycles, and how it moved in them. You needed to know for planting, and so on. All the rest of this global warming/change stuff is a way to get money out of you, and into others pockets, and nothing else.

  5. Hurricane Irene 2011, Isaac 2012, Super storm Sandy 2012, Arthur 2014, Hermine 2016
    Matthew 2016. All these hurricanes occurred during Obama administration and while we were in the Paris Accord. I would say that there was nothing the Paris Accord could do to prevent these devastating storms,and actually I would call the Accord a total failure.
    Obama certainly could not stop them, although I know he would like to think of himself as “the Messiah” no dice. They happened just like “blank happens”
    No one person is to blame but the left likes to demonize people who stand in their way to power. Power is to the left as Crack is to a junkie, addicting, and like crack, hurts people.

  6. Did you get this proof read by albert? Seems to be in direct conflict with his and the views of the other ‘global warming’ people.

  7. @Jonathan:
    I really don’t know if we suffer more hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic erruptions and rainfall or drought then we did 500 or 5,000 years ago.
    I do know that just within my short stint here on planet earth the world has shrunken considerably, not in true geographical scale but in advances in technology allowing the world to become smaller through our ability to monitor and communicate instantly.
    Are there more stronger hurricanes, more intense jolting earthquakes, more violent volcanic erruptions and increased rainfall resulting in greater flooding then we had 500 or 5,000 or 5 million years ago or are we just more knowledgeable and aware of these events?
    I’m sure it’s all Trumps fault, once we disregard reason, scientific evidence and add in mass hysteria there’s simply no other explanation. After all while the planet has been in constant change for (+/-) 4.543 billion years Trump only has been in office for 1 year, 238 days at the time of my posting, more then enough time to destroy the earth for a buck.
    Planet earth in a living breathing planet in constant change. While I’m sure it holds it breath and behaves only while democrats reside in the whitehouse, I find that lie as believable as princess Hillary’s campaign promises.

    The Oracle

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