McCain Kin Cash: Sunday’s Comic

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McCain kin cash in after week-long funeral extravaganza

Real money to taxpayers, “spare change” to McCain’s

Raising the blood pressure of our valued readers is not something we choose to do. But be forewarned, that will likely be a risky side effect when you read this BizPac Review article titled, “John McCain’s family gets hefty taxpayer-funded ‘death gratuity’ after week-long funeral extravaganza.”

The article, by Samantha Chang, which we urge you to read, ends with this plea…

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  1. Registered Republican that voted against the Slug in every election over 19 years. The family are swine’s sucking on the government tit the day McFraud was born. A disgusting example of corruption, greed and selfishness.

  2. Couldn’t say it any better!!! would like to send them the Bill! and the brat owes our President an apology.He could have said NO! too the days too the planes and they wouldn’t thank him.

  3. The real cash in from the McCain funeral by the McCain family, Governor Ducey and the rest of the establishment Republicans is in their higher profile from which to call for unity among Republican voters to get behind their candidates, including the faltering Governor Ducey who now tells us he is supporting Trump`s agenda, a total farce. Gov Ducey appointed the notoriously anti-Trump John Kyl to fill McCain`s Senate seat and also supported Drew John, a Democrat, to run against David Gowan in the primary for the state Senate because Gowan is a real Trump supporter and will not join Ducey, Kyl and the rest of the establishment GOP in working to remove Trump should Trump be impeached. Keep in mind fellow conservatives, the Democrats do not need to take control of the House to impeach President Trump, all they need to do is fool Trump into supporting people like Marquez-Peterson who, if she wins, will happily vote to impeach our President at the direction of presidential hopeful, Governor Ducey.

  4. We’re finally rid of the snake whose final act was to give us the finger (thumbs down). Then he refused to leave when he knew he’d never attend again (still collecting his paycheck). Seems like we are more deserving of this windfall than chubby girl and her anorexic step (but, but, but they NEED those funds to build the McCain Institute)
    But, maybe, one can only hope, they will all fade away into obscurity. Oops, wrong. Rodeo Queen wants to be a big shot in AZ politics.
    Oh, BTW, Meghan was Tweeting for donations for McShame’s mural “Maverick and it’s five C’s….” great place for the homeless vets to show their respect 😀
    Here’s MY five C’s: cowardice, corrupt, collusive, contemptuous, and complicit.

  5. I can honestly say I never once voted for McLame in a primary election.
    This latest payout just highlights the disconnect between our swamp creatures as those of us with dry feet.
    While the McCain family lost John, the typical American lost like more than dead skin on par with a shedding snake.

    The Oracle

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