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Don’t forget – Feinstein has a history of attacking faithful Catholics…. is this attack on Kavanaugh just the latest anti-faithful attack?

Feinstein’s Anti-Catholic Questions Are an Outrage

Senator Dianne Feinstein owes a public apology to judicial nominee Amy Coney Barrett — and an explanation to all Americans who condemn religious bias. During Barrett’s confirmation hearings last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Feinstein, the California Democrat, insinuated an anti-Catholic stereotype that goes back at least 150 years in the U.S. — that Catholics are unable to separate church and state because they place their religious allegiances before their oath to the Constitution.

If a Catholic senator had asked a Jewish nominee whether she would put Israel before the U.S., or if a white senator had asked a black nominee if she could be an objective judge given her background, liberals would be screaming bloody murder. Feinstein’s line of questioning, which was taken up by other committee Democrats, is no less an expression of prejudice…

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  1. I’ve heard from multiple (yet anonymously, of course) sources that over 35 years ago Brett Kavanaugh maliciously used the 9 item or less express checkout lane at a local supermarket when he in fact had 10 items.
    This heinous transgression combined with his partisan views should disqualify him from the high court.
    When all the shameless theatrics come to an end perhaps at his confirmation party, the ever charming Dr. Zira lookalike, Dianne Feinstein can do her best karaoke performance of Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar.
    What energy crisis? Dianne Feinstein has enough hot air to power the planet for another 100 years.

    The Oracle

  2. Let him who has no sin cast the first stone?
    One would hope Kavanaugh had changed over time. However, it’s evident that the Dimbos have never gotten over high school dramatics. It surprised me that Ruth Bader Ginsberg actually stood up for Kavanaugh and said his treatment at these confirmation hearings has been partisan and wrong.

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