Illegal Alien In Trunk Sniffed Out By Border Patrol Canine

I-19 Checkpoint

A 33-year-old Nogales man was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after a Border Patrol canine smelled an 18-year-old male Guatemalan national in the trunk of his vehicle at the Intestate 19 Immigration Checkpoint.

The driver of a Ford Mustang was referred for a secondary inspection after a Border Patrol canine working the primary inspection lane alerted to an odor it is trained to detect. When agents opened the vehicle’s trunk, they discovered the man inside, hiding behind a cardboard diaper box.

Agents seized the vehicle and arrested the driver for human smuggling. The Guatemalan national was processed for immigration violations.

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  1. Lock up the smuggler and throw away the key. We need immigration enforcement laws that are serious enough to deter all human smuggling.

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