Pelosi’s Problem: Sunday’s Comic

Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ becomes flash point for Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is facing an unexpected flare-up on climate change that is complicating relationships among House Democrats ahead of crucial leadership elections.

Incoming liberals, led by Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, are demanding Pelosi go beyond her promise to revive a select committee on global warming; they want her and the rest of the Democratic Caucus to back an ambitious plan to transition the economy to 100 percent renewable energy in a little more than a decade…

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Sinema hit for not objecting to Schumer’s re-election as minority leader
By Lukas Mikelionis

Newly-elected Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema didn’t object to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s bid to continue leading the party, despite previously saying she wouldn’t support him if elected.

Sinema is facing criticism of breaking her campaign promise just days after she claimed victory against Republican Martha McSally in a tightly-contested race in Arizona.

“I am not going to vote for him,” Sinema told Politico in June, referring to the New York Democrat, casting herself as a moderate Democrat….

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  1. Actually, I rather hope they keep Nudnick Nancy. Almost as good as if you put the dim bulb O-C in the Speaker’s position. One can’t put two sentences together that actually make any sense; the other doesn’t have any sense beyond her wardrobe and, HORRORS!!! Where am I going to LIVE until I get confirmed!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME AFFORD A LUXURY APARTMENT UNTIL I CAN START DRAWING MY CONGRESSIONAL SALARY… SEND YOUR DONATIONS TO….
    Can’t wait to watch this fiasco unfold. Better than any soap opera!!! You can’t make this $h!TTT up.
    Hey, but, y’know, like, you got, like, what you voted for, y’know?

  2. Lay the blame for the GOP failure squarely where it belongs. At the feet of Little Johnnie and his minions. Thanks John, BTW, you should have been getting out of jail about now. Enjoy the show for the next 6 years…. you voted for the ignornat woman, now enjoy.

  3. The first of many campaign promises Sinema will break. She vowed not to vote for Chucky and now we know her words are meaningless. Arizona just elected the worst senator in the history of the state. All the voters who tuned your back on Martha are about to find out your worst nightmare. Krysten will caucus with the Dems, and Chucky will remind her on every vote who bought her election.

    On a separate note. Ducey will spend the next several weeks and months trying to figure out how Az turned purple on his watch. Personally I hope his political career is over. He hurt his brand. The Az state. And the Az GOP.

  4. And you didn’t expect that? The democcraps are told what and who to vote for by their HANDLERS, not the people they are supposed to represent. She is a bought and paid for person and is already showing her true colors. Follor what the PARTY puts out and not the will of the people. The house is really bad in this, as they vote as a bunch of zombies. NO INDIVIDUAL THINKING ALLOWED, and to hell with the people.

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