Elias Fender-Bender Could Cost Pima County Taxpayers Over $40K

Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias [Photo from Pima County Facebook page]

The law firm of McEvoy, Daniels, and Darcy, PC filed a Notice of Claim with the County on November 14, 2018 involving a collision allegedly caused by Supervisor Richard Elias in May 2018. The firm notified the County that it would accept $40,745.77 for damages related to the fender-bender.

According to the Tucson Police report, Elias, behind the wheel of a County-owned Ford Escape (Vehicle 1), “operating at idle speed rolled into the rear end of Vehicle 2 causing no damages.” Vehicle 2, a Kia Sorento, was operated by Trinidad Rachel Tester, an employee with Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) and activist in the Tucson Education Association (TEA).

[View TPD report, McEvoy, Daniels, and Darcy, PC letters here]

The report reads in part: “Driver 2 explained she had some [redacted] (neck) issues in 1985 and was having ongoing issues/unknown link to this collision/transported per Driver 2 for evaluation. No citations were issued.”

The law firm of McEvoy, Daniels, and Darcy, PC has a colorful history with Pima County. In 2014, the firm represented Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry’s then-right-hand-man, Martin Willet.

From the ADI 2014 report:

Willet, best known for suing the County for an accident he had on his bicycle, tendered his resignation last week.

He has sued the County for his accident and after having worked for the past several months, is now citing the accident as a reason for his resignation.

Willet has worked for the County for the past 27 years, and he and Huckelberry are close friends. Willett is the second-highest-ranking official under Huckelberry.

Frequently seen walking around downtown Tucson unaided, Willet, is being represented by his wife’s law firm McEvoy, Daniels, and Darcy, PC., which filed a Notice of Claim with the County on December 18, 2013 for $5 million for his injuries as well as $1 million for the suffering of his wife, Sally.

Willet claims he was seriously injured, and his wife incurred damages when the front wheel of his bike “became lodged in a drainage gap” on the Dodge Boulevard Bridge.

In the firm’s Notice of Claim on behalf of Tester, attorney Earl F. “Sam” Daniels, III, claims that Tester “suffered, among other things, neck and back injuries, headaches, dizziness, left shoulder and knee pain, sleep disturbance and anxiety when driving as a result of the collision.”

Damages outlined in the Notice of Claim:

1) The itemized bill from Southwest Ambulance of Tucson, which totals $1,119.44

2) Itemized bill from Banner University Medical Center, which totals $4,769.00 (the medical records have been requested but have not yet been provided. We will supplement upon receipt):


  1. Insurance fraud if PC was insured. Why are they not? let’s look at Risk management payouts versus premium. That would stop crony favors.

  2. need to have an independent Dr do an exam of the ‘injured’ person and verify that the injury was caused by the roll on contact, particularly since there was NO DAMAGE. I got rear ended by a guy doing about 15-20 mph and had no injury but over $4K damage to the car. Yes this is just another fake incident and needs to be turned over tpd/pcso for full investigation and charges if appropriate. Just like the guy who resigned because he rode his bike into a crack on the choo choo line!

  3. For Richard Dick Elias, 41k wouldn’t even cover the tax on the millions he and his little cabal have cost us tax payers for gross management negligence over the years

  4. Bad as it all sounds, I am wondering if it was a “staged”accident.? Nothing would surprise me about this theft.

  5. Sounds like Bronson’s escapade. Ally made a motion one time that ALL supervisors drdive their own cars – ecept when they go distances for work. Carroll threw a fit as well as the rest of the parasites. Voted down. Is Christy a sponger or does he stand on his own like Ally?

  6. Of course they will settle; they don’t
    want to risk the possibility that a jury
    is drawn that might actually consider the
    facts of the case.

  7. This looks soooo FISHY, especially when willet’s wife is involved in the lawsuit bringing forth the suit. More money fir Huckleberry cronies???

  8. Pima County getting sued for close to $41,000 because of an accident that did no physical damage. The County will, of course, pay it because everyone knows that the County has more than enough money to pay for anything, except the roads of course.

    Christopher Cole
    Pima County Libertarian Party

  9. One could easily conclude that if your a friend of Dingleberry and you want in on the action but sadly you don’t own a dilapidated bowling alley or a defunct golf course, there’s still hope to get a place at the feeding trough of public funds.
    Thanks Chucky, be sure to take another gold star out of petty cash…

    The Oracle

  10. $1,119.44 for Ambulance from Speedway and Campbell to UMC ?? why are Drivers of County Owned Vehicles Not Required to carry their own Insurance ? Or Why are the county vehicles Not covered with full insurance ??

    • Back in 2005 when I had a blocked artery, I had to shell out over $900.00 for ambulance service and I still haven’t figured out why it was accompanied by a full-scale fire truck. I had a blocked artery, not a burning house! A few years later when I had chest pains, I drove myself to the ER. It was much cheaper!

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