Yavapai County Man Arrested For Killing Father

Nathan Winwood, age 30, from Bagdad has been charged with Manslaughter for the death of his father, 69-year-old Kenneth Winwood.

On July 8, 2018, Nathan Winwood, was at his home in Bagdad, AZ, with his father. A verbal altercation ensued and continued throughout the morning. Sometime between 12 noon and 3:00 p.m., Nathan and Kenneth were arguing and at
one point, Nathan stood in front of his father who was seated in a chair, and punched him twice in the face. Nathan left for about 20 minutes and when he came back inside the house, he found Kenneth lying on the floor and not able to get up.

Nathan picked up Kenneth, put him in his chair, and left the house to go camping.

After Nathan left, Kenneth was able to make contact with his daughters in Phoenix and they drove to the Bagdad home and transported their dad to a Phoenix hospital.

On July 15, 2018, Kenneth succumbed from his injuries.

Following Kenneth’s death in July, detectives began an extensive investigation into the incident including interviews with Nathan and various family members. Due to Kenneth’s prior medical condition involving cancer and other ailments, along with an extensive medical history, it was not immediately known if the injuries from Nathan’s assault were the primary cause of death. It was later confirmed by the Medical Examiner that Kenneth died from blunt force trauma to the head which resulted in a subdural hematoma.

Once the Medical Examiner’s report was received and reviewed, along with other evidence gathered in recent weeks, detectives had cause to arrest Nathan for Manslaughter. He remains in-custody and is held without bond.