Largest Group Of Illegal Aliens Enters Yuma Sector

On Monday, a migrant group of more than 400 people crossed into the United States at a point east of San Luis, Ariz.

This is the largest group to illegally cross in recent years within the Yuma Border Patrol Sector, located in Arizona’s southwest region.

Agents are transporting and processing the individuals, according to the Arizona Sheriff’s Association.

In addition to Monday’s invasion, 199 illegal aliens were also apprehended on Sunday. Another 53 illegal border crossers were taken into custody in the Yuma Sector on Saturday, after 187 were apprehended on Friday.

Last week, the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition called for a secure border in response to President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address and his demand for a border wall. The Coalition, which includes members from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California, advised that “many portions of our border with Mexico are not secure in any meaningful way.”

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The Coalition warned that “we simply do not know who is coming across our border. We know there are bad actors from hostile nations that wish us harm. This is not a political statement, but rather a factual one. The lack of border security can be leveraged by those wishing us harm to come into our country undetected. The lack of border security is an undeniable national security concern.”

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  1. Most illegal immigrants entered legally and overstayed their visa. No wall can fix that.
    You are more likely to be attacked by a citizen than an immigrant.
    Republicans controlled all 3 branches for the last 2 years, why didn’t they secure wall money then? My guess is it’s wildly unpopular outside of the Trump base and even most Republicans think a wall is the wrong approach, and congressional Republicans want to keep their jobs.

    Do some quick research, you’ll see that all of these things are true if you didn’t already. Quit living in fear. They aren’t coming to kill you or bringing in some strange diseases that will destroy us from within. When did we as Americans become so scared of the world? It’s pathetic.

    But if you must do something to feel safer and the only way to do that is to stop immigrants from coming in illegally, I’ll give you the answer. Punish the employers who hire them. When a company knows they face steep fines and could potentially lose their business license if they get caught hiring illegal immigrants, they’ll stop hiring them. If you cut off the revenue supply, the people quit coming. Simple. And barely costs a dime. You’re welcome.

  2. Now, where are these brilliant creatures from the south of the border going to? What facility is going to lock them up? Thousands of people about whom we know nothing,,,diseases, criminals, mentally retarded, murderers running from the law in the home country…Where are they going to go?

  3. I agree with Jon. My busband agrees with Jon also, he’s a retired Marine. I say bring all our troops around the world back home to protect the country they were trained to protect.

  4. Deploy the troops to guard the border and have the Army Engineers and Navy Seabees build that wall, it will cost a fraction of private companies and lets the troops be at home in the US for a change. And trust me them Seabees and Engineers know how to build things.

  5. Thank you for being the first cover to what’s going on at our border. I’m down right disgusted that the Yuma community wasn’t made aware of 400 immigrants entering illegally immediately. In any other larger city this would’ve been breaking news with news crews on site.

    Border Patrol agents are working, dealing with processing and transporting all them. Oh yeah and not getting paid while doing it. If you see an agent you should thank them for keeping our families safe here.



  8. Arizona is not prepared to accept so many, but California has announced that they are. Charter busses to drive them all to LA or San Francisco and drop them off there. Win-win, no? Let California show us all how to do it right.

  9. Chris DeSimone on his Wakeup Tucson Show on Monday 1/14/2019 hit the nail on the head when he observed that the REAL reason the Democrats (and their media allies) oppose the “wall,” or barrier, is because it WILL WORK and reduce to an insignificant number the illegal immigrants crossing into our country. No one can dispute, for example, that had a wall or similar barrier been in place at “a point east of Yuma” yesterday, today`s headline would not have been written because the more than 400 illegals who crossed our border illegally would have been prevented from doing so. As Mr. DeSimonme also pointed out, the Democrats` argument that with a wall those wishing to cross our border illegally will simply dig a tunnel or build a longer ladder is no real argument. Necessity being the mother of invention, those wanting to cross will indeed adopt counter measures to ours but that is to be expected no matter how we secure our border and we will need to continue to meet these new measure with ones of our own, a necessary aspect of securing our border and maintaining the geographical integrity of our country over time.

  10. My, my. If only there was some agency to patrol the border and prevent aliens from crossing. We DO have that “Border Patrol” agency, but they mostly only work far north of the border where they can hassle compliant American citizens, or in busy urban areas along the border where they can be seen by Americans who are fooled into thinking they are also present on rural stretches of the border. What’s needed is an agency that actually works ON the border, works at night, works in rural stretches when and where the bad actors cross.

    • Ron, if you were ever on the border you would know how uninformed your statement was. The Border Patrol is there 24/7, day and night, holidays included. They are spread so thin and hampered by so much political BS it makes it difficult to please everyone all the time. They need and deserve our support.

      • Bravo Dutch. What the article fails to mention is that it was a camera that alerted agents to the section of wall where the crossing occurred. Also, they WERE caught. They didn’t get anywhere.

        • problem is by the time BP gets there the illegals are on US soil and now we are saddled with feeding, sheltering and caring for them. That’s not short term as we will be stuck with these illegals for years to come sine they will be released into our communities while waiting for their court dates which they will not show up for anyway

        • Yes.. they were caught.. claimed asylum.. and now will be released into the United States. They no the game. Enter.. claim asylum.. they cannot be returned without a hearing.. They don’t even have to claim asylum. Under immigration law anyone crossing the southern border not from Mexixo cannot be summarily returned… And 98% will never show up for their hearings 3 years from now because they know they will be sent back if they do. Only Mexicans can be summarily returned to their country.

      • I live on the border. I see illegals and smugglers all the time. I rarely see Border Patrol except on the main roads where illegals and smugglers never go.

  11. SSDD, we are being over run by the “best and brightest” that the s&^thole countries have to offer. What skills do they bring with them? A doctor, lawyer, teacher?? No, they bring no education, no skills, diseases and expect uncle sugar to support them because we are “rich.” I call BS. Send them back home tomorrow. Its cheaper and easier than to pay for them until this country turns into a third world s&&thole.

    • Plus they are no longer a social burden to their home country. The people at top get to keep all that foreign aid for themselves

  12. No Shit!Build the wall.Deploy more troops along the entire southern border.President Trump is doing a good job.Im so sick of hearing all this phony news on Trump/Russia.Have some respect,even if you dont like the man.He is our president.

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