A group of 325 Central Americans apprehended near Lukeville

TUCSON —  A group of 325 Central Americans were detected by U.S. Border Patrol agents after the group illegally entered the country and surrendered to agents west of Lukeville.

The group was discovered by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection  Air and Marine Operations helicopter, investigating a possible campfire spotted by a surveillance camera, said a  CBP statement.

The large group entered the country illegally in an area where there is only a vehicle barrier designed to prevent crossings, the release said.

The Central Americans told Border Patrol agents that “buses and trucks dropped them off throughout the night on Mexico’s Federal Highway 2 that parallels the U.S. border less than 50 yards from this area,” the release said. Once the entire group arrived, they crossed together at 8 a.m. to await authorities. The group consisted of individuals and family units from Central America and included nearly 150 juveniles, 32 of whom were unaccompanied.”

Agents patrolling other areas had to be reassigned to assist with caring for and transported the group more to the nearest Border Patrol facility for processing.


  1. this number of 300+ seems to be a number of people I’m seeing coming across in more than one place – why this number? Bus size? Truck Size? Platoon? there has to be some reason ‘this is the number’.. hmmmm

  2. Being they are so far out … BP should have just herded them back over the border like nothing ever happened. Let them walk to the nearest town in Tacoland

  3. Pelosi’s Normandy fence sure stopped these illegal aliens! We need a steel barrier, tons of razor wire and then laws that allow BP to capture and then deport on the spot each and every one of those who cross illegally. Every one of them should lose their right to file for asylum or visa for a min of 5 years if they cross the border illegally. If they cross a second time they lose the rights for life. No detention, no feeding, no medical care… just swift deportation and even tougher barriers

  4. What would they do if the CBP didn’t show up until dark? We need to stop treating these invaders like guests. They want asylum– show up at the station. The CBP need to drive right by these groups and do their jobs. Chauffeuring illegals is not part of the job description.

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