Individuals, not government, should take care of their problems with illegal aliens


Border fence [Photo by Rep. Bob Thorpe]

The Arizona Daily Star reported an excellent example of people living in the border town of El Paso, Texas, who describe their existence as safe and without the need of a wall to validate a political promise  by President Donald Trump, creating fear in many who are not afraid.

I live in the unincorporated part of Tucson. I border on Tucson City, where I received lesser services and have been told many times by County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry that my streets are not “covered” under the county responsibility.

My neighbors and I fix our own roads. I pay $5,500 a year in county taxes and all I get is one deputy for our area. He does a good job. I live on 4 acres. I have 2 fences, one for the pool and one to section off enough property for my dogs and my family to enjoy. The rest is desert, dirt roads and other houses.

Kids and adults use part of my property to ride their horses, drive their cars, walk their dogs, enjoy nature and ride their ATVS. It’s OK as long as it does not interfere with my life. If I had a problem with others bothering or damaging my property, I would take care of it myself by building yet another barrier to manage it. I would also ask our deputy for advice.

I do not live near the Mexican border. There are those who have problems with illegals on their property. Do something about it yourself. Get your neighbors together with local authorities and decide what needs to be done and do it. Your government is not going to help you with your specific problem.

The Border Wall is a stunt by Trump. There are many things that needs to be done to protect people and property from all vandals, legal and illegal, as well as stop illegal drugs and human trafficking from being trucked in. Hopefully our Congress is working on useful solutions for this as well as the huge number of people seeking asylum. These problems will NOT be solved by a $5.7 billion wall. Please think about valid solutions, spend our money wisely and don’t just stand under a political banner.

I admire Supervisor Ally Miller as the only honest, capable and true representative of all the people in Tucson. She supports most things Trump and the wall. I wonder how many of her constituents support her position for this wall. Please contact her with your feelings. I have.


  1. Having lives in El Paso and working in Juarez fo 8 years, we need a border wall more than just a fence. Even driving across the border entry into the U.S., illegals would try to cross by hiding behind the vehicles while we crossing over the bridge and jump the fence once on the U.S. side. Border patrol would stop as many as possible but I’m Certain some made it across. It’s our country to protect, if the wall is not a solution, then you have to give us a better solution than saying a wall isn’t necessary.

  2. I lived in El Paso for 4 years kept home here. Working from Van Horn TX to Deming NM for Kinder Morgan. Worked years back in Douglas was there when Hannnigans were prosecuted under the RICO act for interfering and holding illegals that were in the act of criminal acts on their property. They lost everything home ranch heritage. I doubt the tax bill $5000.00 as I have rural properties that dont come close that tax. We need a barrier of some type protect. Then political directives this barrier is not a political view is security. Reluctantly I have close a hand weapon that I have needed over the years, It’s a tool not a love, I hate it, I hate to need it, I hate to lose my livelihood. Citizens protect their own property is pie in the sky thinking just try it you will lose everything.

  3. With all of its problems, it’s graft, it’s publicly displayed corrupt cronyism and standardized libtard left leaning thinking, I truly relish living in Pima county knowing that with every single election when I cast my vote, it negates Jo-Ann’s utopian nightmare. Thank God for democracy.

    The Oracle

  4. Some people just never remove their rose colored glasses. What was proposed was tried and the gov’t destroyed those who participated. Gave USA land to ILLEGALS as payment for folks trying to protect their own as noted above.

    Unless the writer is willing to allow defense of property to the max the situation will remain the same. I live in CoT ad near the RR tracks and we have had them come to the door looking for a handout! We built our home in ’94 and have had some come over the fence and steal, cops were amazed when we called as this is a old quiet neighborhood. SO PUT up the FENCE WALL and let them come legally with SUPPORT from family or other idiots and or send them back to clean up their own countries. Remember the mex gov’t offered them the ability to stay, they refused as it really required them to WORK, so they are not looking for a hand up it seems but a HAND OUT.

  5. I just learned from a Border Patrol agent that sensors can be negated by simply wearing a plastic bag over your body. Walls work but when people want open borders they’ll say or do anything for that cheap labor and votes. Modern day slavery is what we are creating.

    • I dont think they are looking for cheap labor as most of the illegals wont do the work that only the illegals supposedly do IMO! Yes there are some but they are not the new ones, mainly the ones that have been here for a while and have been accepted as to what they are. The new ones are looking to receive benefits they are not qualified to receive and the left is happy to have these new ‘voters’ on the welfare roles.

  6. Since the wall is not going to be built, I wonder what those of you who attack my point of view are going to do. If you are being violated by anyone, you only have to yourself, your local authorities and your neighbors. Stop ascribing ridiculous political motives to my point of view.

    • @Jo-Anne, boo-hoo-hoo. Do you seriously think sighting the Arizona Daily Star as a reputable source of information is useful to promote your insightful credibility to support your point of view?
      Any initial reading of your editorial hit piece reveals that it has less to do with border wall security and it’s just another anti Trump hit piece.
      You expose that you do not live along the border, you expose that you’re not affected by the border and yet you classify yourself as an expert on Border security and policy.
      Again you have demonstrated that you know nothing about border policy because you don’t live there and you don’t feel it’s repercussions.
      Citing the Arizona Daily Star as your only reference source, you’ve denied the presence of a problem along the border in the first place. Perhaps if you looked beyond your own nose you might learn that a while other world exist beyond your closed eyed denials.
      Your article advises what a wonderful “unwalled” neighbor you are despite the fact that you live in an unincorporated Pima County you have no representation and you pay enormous taxes. Again just another distraction point to attack Trump, but once again you are hardly an expert on anything outside your own 4 Acres. You refer to the wall as a stunt by President Trump again exemplifying your lack of any cohesive understanding but once again displaying your blatant stupidity of an arena which you clearly understand nothing.
      And then you cite your admiration for supervisor Miller, followed by your why don’t you contact her as a constituent and tell her how you really feel for her support of the lawfully elected President, as if you’re drumming up support to undermine her position, so which lie is at Jo-Ann?
      You’ve always promoted yourself an expert on any and everything while demonstrating that your anything but. From gun control to border walls you’ve publicly displayed your lack of knowledge on anything you’ve ever written about.
      I know it’s the liberal default response to always be the victim, and blame everyone else for your own mistakes, but if your the victim it’s of your own making.
      We live in a republic that grants us free speech. It allowed you to publicly state your views and for those that oppose your views and to publicly refute them as well. Please spare us your self pity act, it’s truly unbecoming for a know it all who only gets her news from the Arizona daily star.
      If you write something publicly, it’s fair to expect a response. Perhaps someday you’ll write something we will agree with, until then it’s all fair to disagree.
      Need a tissue?

      The Oracle

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