Douglas: Vaccine Debate About Parents Versus Profiteers

Exactly what kind of draconian mandates do HB2470, 2471 and 2472 intend to impose in statute upon the parents of Arizona that republican Governor Ducey has vowed he must veto these bills – IF they even make it to his desk?

HB2470 avails parents of a religious exemption to vaccines – in addition to the medical and personal exemptions already in statute – doesn’t mandate it just allows for it.

HB2471 requires parents be –  shudder – provided information –  such as the potential risks of vaccinations; the ingredients and the CDC’s Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary of “inactive” ingredients in vaccines and how to report an injury or death to the National Vaccination Injury Compensation Program.

HB2472 directs that parents, once again, be – provided information – about the “Antibody Titer Test,” which tests for natural immunity. Medical professionals are not compelled to administer the test – only to make patients/parents aware it is available. Also to disclose to parents that there is no state requirement to vaccinate – at least not yet.

SB1114 and SB1115 were comparable bills in the senate. Both were defeated or held in their respective committees by republican Sen. Brophy McGee.

Ducey is quoted as stating that “…we are pro-vaccination in the state of Arizona,” There is absolutely nothing in statute, or being proposed in these bills, that precludes any Arizona child from being vaccinated.

Ducey continues “Vaccinations are good for our kids…” If this such a certainty then what is the harm of ensuring parents receive the manufacturers’ information about vaccines? ARS Title 1-602 codifies parents’ God-given rights to direct education, religious AND health care decisions for their minor child(ren).  Does the intent to veto indicate that the governor will now only support parental rights when they pertain to education?

The current CDC schedule “recommends” that two month old infants be injected with SEVEN, most being live, attenuated viruses (eight – if the doctor includes the HepB booster) and all the “inactive” ingredients those vaccines contain. Common sense alone should tell us this is neither safe nor healthy for such young babies. Nonetheless all that HB2471 requires is that the parents be given information about the ingredients, the risks and the National Vaccine Compensation Program. Although presumably not that it was created to immunize (pun intended) pharmaceutical companies from all liability for any/all harm caused by their vaccines.

If you look at the “Request to Speak” on these bills, of those “FOR” 100% are from individuals – most likely concerned John and Jane Q. Citizens expressing their personal concerns and beliefs. Of those “AGAINST” roughly 40% are doctors or lobbyists for medical special interest groups – all of whom profit from vaccines one way or another. Set aside the addition of the religious exempt in HB2470, one can’t help but wonder why so many medical professionals and organizations would oppose providing information about vaccines or a test which determines if the vaccine is even necessary. It also begs the question of whom do our elected officials represent – the citizens who elect them or the special interest groups?

Don’t be fooled – these are not actually vaccination bills; these are parental/citizens’ rights bills. It is irrelevant which side is correct in the ongoing debate about the safety or lack thereof with regards to vaccines. The issue at hand is whether or not the government, at any level, can and should compel citizens to have any substance injected into their bodies against their will whether by mandate or ignorance is immaterial. Have our elected officials lost sight of the American principle that government is the protector not the grantor of rights or have they consciously chosen to abandon it?



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