Petty Politics Kills Lemonade Bill

Arizona capitol

Editor’s Note: Sen. Eddie Farnsworth’s motion to reconsider HB 2664 passed on a voice vote on Thursday. Senators may vote on the issue in the future.

Petty politics killed a bill proposed by an Arizona teen to make lemonade the official drink of the state of Arizona. In a vote of 18-12, Senate Democrats killed Rep. Warren Petersen’s bill with the help of a few Republicans.

The vote was seen as retaliation for Petersen’s opposition to HB 2664, which he described as a “radical balloon bill.” The bill would have prohibited the releasing of balloons into the air, as well as mandating expensive warning label requirements for manufactures to affix to balloons prior to sale, according to Petersen.

“I’m proud that my Republican colleagues killed a bill with such expansive overreach into people’s lives,” said Petersen in a press release. “Not even 5-year-olds at a birthday party would be safe from such an extreme bill, which would carry a penalty up to $500. This model legislation put forth by my Democratic colleagues is a model of what shouldn’t be introduced in the Arizona Legislature.”

According to, “So far five states, six cities and two other countries have such laws in recognition of the ecological damage that balloons wreak on the planet.”

Unlike the balloon bill, the lemonade bill did not mandate or prohibit any behavior.

Glendale high school student Garrett Glover proposed making lemonade the state drink after noticing that all of Arizona’s “five Cs” – copper, cattle, cotton, citrus and climate – recognized in official state insignia except citrus.

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The lemonade proposal passed the House on a 57-3 vote in February.


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