Operation Sonegarden Leads To Rescue, Arrests Near Marana

TUCSON – On Thursday, a Pinal County Sheriff’s helicopter crew assisting border operations through Operation Stonegarden apprehend a group of 18 Mexican and Central American nationals illegally present in the country northwest of Marana.

The Pinal County crew was alerted to the group’s presence after migrants activated a remote surveillance sensor along a desert trail.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, following a brief aerial search, agents spotted the group, consisting of six nationals from Guatemala, six from Honduras, three from El Salvador, and three from Mexico.

A Border Patrol agent trained as an emergency medical technician found a man in the group medically distressed. The EMT determined the man needed a higher level of care and arranged for the Pinal Air 1 helicopter to transport him to an awaiting ambulance that took him to a local hospital.

The remainder of the group was transported to the Casa Grande Station and processed for immigration violations.

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    It not grant but the sheriff napier you can not trust. He is a liar!

    It is like the board of supervisors. Why do we the public bote no on bonds needed to fix our streets & such? It not the need becaaue we all know iy exsist. What is it then?anyone…

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    Get high grade for effort in writing the article.

    • Richard, the public votes no on the Bonds because the BOS can’t be trusted with the $$ we give them. I would think you know that! It’s got nothing to do with the “need”.

      With regard to Napier, please give me an example of where he lied.

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