Ward Continues To Defend Tax Bills, Gets History Lesson From Antenori

republican meeting
In April, Ward faced tough questioning of her support for a tax increase.

On Tuesday,  Dr. Kelli Ward, the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, came before the Pima County Republican Club and attempted to explain what many Republicans had seen in the news, online and on social media – apparent support for a tax increase.

Chairman Ward proceeded to explain she didn’t support a tax increase and would, in fact, vote against it if the proposition made it to the ballot; however, she made it clear that she had supported placing the measure on the ballot to let the voters decide. Additionally, she stated that neither the Republicans or Democrats in the state legislature were in support of the bill and said it was a “dead horse.”

Social media has been on fire talking about the meeting. The fireworks started prior to the meeting on Twitter and Facebook and continued in the meeting itself:

Former state legislator Frank Antenori provided an impassioned history lesson about Arizona politics and former state legislator Randy Graf added in some additional comments. You can watch the video yourself here:

Barney Brenner also shared some words of wisdom with Chairman Ward while reminding Ward of his support of her role:

The 5th candidate for the CD2 race chimed in during the meeting in full support of Chairman Ward and her approach to Arizona’s education issues.

It is clear this situation has left a mark on the Arizona Republican Party with some Republicans calling for Chairman Ward’s removal from office.

It is a dangerous game to play – supporting placing a tax increase on the ballot when you don’t support the tax increase.

With the 2020 election getting ever closer, placing a proposition on the ballot to increase taxes will become a distraction and siphon off campaign donations and valuable time which will make helping all Republican Candidates and President Trump more difficult.


  1. Letting the voters decide is “mob rule?” MASA — Make America Sane Again!

  2. Will Kelli Ward never change, either stepping on her own messaging or sticking her foot in her mouth?

  3. I thought the so-called education system in this state was going to get its money from the state’s non-reciprocity of the federal income tax. So what’s the real reason to raise taxes?

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