The Court-Ordered Electronic Surveiller Who Loved Me: Sunday’s Comic

Comey scoffs at Barr testimony, claims ‘surveillance’ is not ‘spying’
By Brooke Singman

Former FBI Director James Comey joined the chorus of Democratic critics complaining about Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony this week that “spying did occur” against the 2016 Trump campaign, claiming he has no idea what the Justice Department leader is talking about — and saying he “never thought of” electronic surveillance as “spying.”

Comey sought to draw a distinction between surveillance — which was authorized against a Trump adviser — and spying during a cybersecurity conference in California on Thursday, echoing Democratic lawmakers who have accused Barr of going too far in his Senate testimony this week.

“I have no idea what he’s talking about so it’s hard for me to comment,” Comey said.

“When I hear that kind of language used, it’s concerning because the FBI and the Department of Justice conduct court-ordered electronic surveillance,” he continued. “I have never thought of that as spying.”


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  1. Another SURPRISE moment, guy never had an original thought to begin with. Yes ‘electronic surveillance’ is in reality SPYING since the person being spied upon does not know it. Another democrap who can only deny reality, thinking that deny is part of the name of a river in egypt.

  2. Comey double speak,” electronic surveillance is not spying” Neither is poop in a cupcake pan?

  3. Of course Comey is deeply disturbed and confused. Despite the best efforts of himself and his partisan subordinates, Hillary still didn’t win a totally rigged election.
    Comey has proved himself to be little more then a politically biased Clinton foot soldier who justifiably abused his leadership of a federal office to openly commit an election coup over the American people.
    Every game has rules, and Comey wasn’t shy about being squarely in the Clinton camp, and a we’ve learned, in the Clinton political game, is it spying or is it surveillance? For Gods sake can someone please finally define the word “is”?

    The Oracle

  4. Oracle, is is is, was was is just as spying is surveillance if you’re doing it and spying if you’re being spied upon. Hope this helps.

  5. BRAVO to whoever originated the title of “The Surveiller Who Loved Me”!
    And God Bless a classical education!

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