AZ Legislature Week In Review – Week Ending May 3

Arizona capitol

Another week has gone by and we are now way past the 100th day adjournment target date. It seems that with the current and projected surpluses, it is more difficult to reach agreement on a budget. Everyone is trying to get as large a piece of the budget pie as they can. Their behavior is not unlike that of a pack of hyenas fighting over the carcass of a lion kill. Meanwhile, with a few exceptions, important bills are not being given the attention they deserve. Two of those exceptions include the areas of health insurance and children’s rights.

SB1085 – BROPHY-MCGEE. This bill makes it easier for self-employed individuals and small businesses to buy health insurance by joining associations, thereby obtaining better premium rates. This bill was made possible by a 2018 ruling of the US Department of Labor, regarding changes to ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974). It is a minor, partial rollback of Obamacare, but very important for people who qualify. It passed the House 3rd Reading 38-21-1 and was transmitted to the governor.

HB2378 – BARTO. It modifies some of the adoption rules to make it easier for older children (over 16) to be adopted. It has been signed by the governor.

HB2122 – BARTO. Makes changes to the child welfare statutes. Outlines provisions on do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders as it pertains to minors and outlines the roles of the different parties. It is intended to avoid some tragic mistakes that have been made in the past. It too has been signed by the governor.

Links to bills mentioned in this report:

SB1085 – association health plans; definitions; requirements

HB2122 – do-not-resuscitate orders; minors; parental consent

HB2378 – adoption; child welfare; dependency