Group Of Desert View Students March For Detained Illegal Classmate, Call To Fight Stonegarden

Radical “resist” activist, and self-described undocumented person, Jessica Rodriguez has organized Desert View students to protest the detention of another undocumented person, Desert View student Thomas Torres

Dubbed #OperationThomas, Desert View High School students conducted a small protest and demanded “that their classmate Thomas Torres, a senior at Desert View, be released from ICE custody immediately. Thomas was detained Thursday evening by the Pima County Sheriff, who released him to Border Patrol custody immediately after pulling him over for a routine traffic stop,” according to Rodriguez on social media.

The timing of the arrest and protest have raised eyebrows and suspicions. There is doubt as to why; organizers have used the situation to drum up fear and anger in anticipation of a meeting of the Pima County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

From Facebook:

Come out to the Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow at 8:30AM at 100 West Congress to speak out against Operation Stonegarden, a program that facilitates Sheriff and BP collaboration and puts our communities at risk. Please Support the Family with Legal Fees if you can!

An unapologetic bigot, Rodriguez is an appointee of Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias to the Community Law Enforcement Partnership Commission which was formed as a concession to Operation Stonegarden opponents.


  1. Funny how she’s denigrating white churches, yet it’s the white churches who are helping get the illegals into our country and into our state! She’s a liberal pig and needs to be shut down!

    • Yes, the Good White people help illegal immigrants. She is correct in her assertion of the culture of whites and white christianity, it is a culture of hate and destruction. This is over your head, but I’m sure you can comprehend it. You may not agree with it, but the white folks that help people of color would recognize their white privilege.

      • There is another kind of privilege, called reverse discrimination eh? Known by another name too, equal opportunity. Like when there is a quota to fill, so many people of varying degrees of color even if they are not qualified or have the grades, taking positions away from whites who were qualified.
        Taking jobs from qualified men so as to hire women to fill another kind of quota.
        I myself did so when over 100 men applied for a tough job and I the only woman applying, actually got the job. I quit 2 weeks later, because it certainly was tough.
        So whether it is white privilege, or color privilege or gender privilege is all a matter of perspective. Just saying….

  2. Ms Rodriguez is entitled to her opinion and I am entitled to mine. Crawl back in the hole you came out of and quit interfering with Law Enforcement…you’re an idiot!

    And so is Elias for appointing her!!

    • This is the culture of hate that whites brought to this country. Eat a dick snott.

      • NG, I repeat… you’re a genius, but then, you already knew that. You don’t like the country… leave…

  3. The more this child opens her mouth..the more she shows ignorance and foolishness. Elias could not have picked a better representative

  4. She make me sick. This folks is what is causing all the shitt
    Someone needs to set her down and show her how STUPID she sounds
    Give her a blood test this is what a meth head and a pot smoking arogant radical sounds like ..

  5. >>>This is the culture of hate that whites brought to this country. <<<

    Looks like you're a perfect fit.

  6. The comments above blaming hate on whites is ignorant. My great grandfather was Apache Indian. My grandfather told me stories of the rape and murder that existed under the “good” people of mexico. He was born in 1885 in the Chiracahua mtns.
    Natives were hated by the “good” Mexican people and enslaved and murdered by them. So hate had already existed here in this part of the country.

    Quit painting the “good” Brown people as angels, hate thrives under ignorance as evidenced in the hate by comments against white people. I am American Mexican and was born and raised here in Tucson in the early ’50s.

  7. Nothing is so despicable as ignorance. The comments saying whites and Christianity brought hate to this country is laughable if it weren’t so sad. Hate exists in all people s and cultures. White Christianity? Is that different from Brown or black Christianity? Seriously?
    Ignorance,the harbinger of death. Ignorance, a serious mental disorder.
    You can’t expect people to not be legitimately angry when they are illegally invaded by a people breaking the sovereign laws of their country.
    I believe the gov’t of mexico was more than willing to sell and profit by the sale of the South west. So what was sold is gone and no do overs. Unless you want to buy it back?

  8. If one were to look up the word “Fucktard” in the dictionary, clearly Jessica Rodriguez’s picture would accompany the definition.
    Sadly, she is the true face of how county supervisor (what’s in a name) “Dick” Elias openly feels about white people.
    Strange how Elias and his bratty puppet scream out against racism while fanning it’s flames.
    Even more sad is how Desert View student Thomas Torres, a criminal alien who’s presence on US soil is a crime by itself, went from the subject of the protest to a footnote in the article.
    Perhaps Elias, Rodriguez and Torres who apparently think laws don’t apply to people of color, should all understand, no matter how special we think we are, we just don’t get to pick and choose which laws we obey and which ones we openly violate.

    The Oracle

  9. lol White huh? what do you think Spain is? Europe. Hence your white heritage. Don’t deny it

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