Flagstaff City Council Targets Plastic Snow Sled Sales

On Tuesday, the Flagstaff City Council moved closer to effectively ban plastic snow sleds. The Council agreed to consider Councilwoman Jamie Whelan’s proposal look at a possible ordinance involving the sale of plastic sleds.

Also under consideration is an additional charge to the purchase plastic sleds that would go toward cleanup.

According to Flagstaff area radio show host (ONAIR 97.1FM), Jeff Oravits, who called the plan “utterly ridiculous,“ officials are responding to the “hundreds of used sleds being left in the forest around Flagstaff by those coming to the area for snow play.” [Related article: Flagstaff City Council Considering Banning Plastic Sleds]

In February 2019, FOX10 reported that “sled trash” was a problem for officials. “In the spring when the snow melts, we find a plethora of colors, but it’s the colors of sleds that we find,” Maggie Twomey with the City of Flagstaff told FOX10.


City officials have also proposed banning plastic bags and straws.

“Once again, the City of Flagstaff is competing for the title of the ‘Nuttiest Liberal City in the West’, this time by saving the planet from those evil, non-biodegradable plastic snow sleds,” said Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe. “What’s next, ruining Halloween by banning plastic superhero masks? Perhaps, Flagstaff can require that sleds be made out of the same paper as California’s new drinking straws. Or they can contact the Jamaican Bobsled Team to inquire about 100% hemp sleds, that can either be smoked after snow-play, or woven into neat T-Shirts. Whatever solution they concoct, this latest crusade is perhaps just another testament to unfettered liberal creativity… at oxygen deprived 7,000’ elevation.”


  1. While I truly get the whole do-gooder, tree hugging thing, but unless the discarded sled problem is an issue within city limits is this really the direction the city wants to go in? After all, do the Falstaff city limits extend out into the national Forest land where according to the article the bulk of the dumping occurs?
    Perhaps next, they can ban the sale of camping gear within the city limits to keep campers out of the forest. Or ammo sales, to keep those murdering hunters away? Why not go further and ban toilet paper sales? After all the majority of forest visitors don’t bury it promoting an unsightly and unhealthy mess.
    Kinda odd how Falstaff clearly wants tourist dollars but not the discarded effects of those tourist. They could instead just invite more tourist up, thereby generating more sales tax dollars to hire a crew to police the affected areas.
    But instead we’ll follow a time tested strategy, becuase we all know shooting the pig for watching the fox eat the chickens is always the correct path of action to control the masses.
    Once again the bounds of well intending libtard stupidity is proving itself endless.

    The Oracle

  2. Have a American company make a sled to be used over and over again I hate trash in our forests
    And the china companys that makes this trash and the Stupid Selfish people who leave their trash in our Forests
    And I am not from the left
    I agree with them to a point
    Until Americans stop buying cheap
    Crap made in China they will leave this cheap crap behind because it was cheap crap from china
    I say ban all cheap crap from china first Then have someone come up with a better way to manage our forests And fine people who litter put a recycle bin out ?
    The root of the problem is this Cheap Crap from China
    We are a socitiy of waste
    Its everyones problem I care about our forests and I do care about litter But until we change our bad habits nothing will change Dont have to be a lefty to care about eviroment Its how far they take it makes its a problem
    Tell china to stop making crap
    Tell / Teach Americans to stop wasting money on China made crap
    Get to the root of the problem. Cheap China made Crap is a billion dollor bussines and we pay twice for it first to buy it then after it breaks within 5 min we pay to dispose of
    Its our fault .99 cent store etc
    And stupid people who give in to their whinny kids
    An extra 5 bucks on a recycled sled made in USA sounds good to me
    Stop Buying Crap From China

  3. Hmmm… the true test of the environmental commitment of Flagstaffia’s city council lies in how long it will take them to ban plastic ski equipment and credit cards. Meanwhile, thanks to capitalism and a free country, we can still choose to spend our vacation dollars, and buy our toys, and dine, and stay overnight… somewhere we actually feel welcome.

  4. So, this is just an attack on the purchase of sleds WITHIN the city of Flagstaff? If so, people will just buy somewhere else. But who just leaves their sled in the woods? I’m not buying that. If that’s really happening, why not collect them and sell them at the visitors center and make some money? There are actually logical solutions other than banning things, but liberals can’t be logical if they try.

    • Actually, Scott, it is a big issue in Flagstaff. Usually it is sleds that have been broken, but the plastic things are cheap enough that people coming up from the valley just ditch them rather than lug them home. It is not as big a problem as the city coincil eants it to be–usually the snowplay trash tends to be fairly concentrated, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out hiking in the spring/summer and found old discarded sleds out in the forest.

      • go out in to the desert and see all the TRASH the illegals are leaving, yet the left idiots want more to come in! Cant have it both ways, and its a wonder they didn’t try to connect the president to this stuff!

        Sounds just like a left standard as started in san fran and LA and seattle where there is all kinds of ‘trash’ in the streets and they think its fine.

  5. Nice to see the Flagstaff City Council take such a firm stand on one of the really important issues of our time. As I understand it, they’re going after those little motorized E-bikes next. Bravo!


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