Flagstaff City Council Targets Plastic Snow Sled Sales

On Tuesday, the Flagstaff City Council moved closer to effectively ban plastic snow sleds. The Council agreed to consider Councilwoman Jamie Whelan’s proposal look at a possible ordinance involving the sale of plastic sleds.

Also under consideration is an additional charge to the purchase plastic sleds that would go toward cleanup.

According to Flagstaff area radio show host (ONAIR 97.1FM), Jeff Oravits, who called the plan “utterly ridiculous,“ officials are responding to the “hundreds of used sleds being left in the forest around Flagstaff by those coming to the area for snow play.” [Related article: Flagstaff City Council Considering Banning Plastic Sleds]

In February 2019, FOX10 reported that “sled trash” was a problem for officials. “In the spring when the snow melts, we find a plethora of colors, but it’s the colors of sleds that we find,” Maggie Twomey with the City of Flagstaff told FOX10.


City officials have also proposed banning plastic bags and straws.

“Once again, the City of Flagstaff is competing for the title of the ‘Nuttiest Liberal City in the West’, this time by saving the planet from those evil, non-biodegradable plastic snow sleds,” said Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe. “What’s next, ruining Halloween by banning plastic superhero masks? Perhaps, Flagstaff can require that sleds be made out of the same paper as California’s new drinking straws. Or they can contact the Jamaican Bobsled Team to inquire about 100% hemp sleds, that can either be smoked after snow-play, or woven into neat T-Shirts. Whatever solution they concoct, this latest crusade is perhaps just another testament to unfettered liberal creativity… at oxygen deprived 7,000’ elevation.”

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