Honduran national wanted for rape caught by CBP agents as he attempt to enter U.S.

TUCSON – A Honduran national with a violent criminal history, Alex Josue Mendez-Maldonado, as he attempted to enter the United States at the Dennis DeConcini Crossing. Mendez-Maldonado was turned over to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office where he will await extradition to Louisiana.

On Monday morning, Mendez-Maldonado presented a copy of 30-year-old man’s Honduran birth certificate and told officers that he wanted to seek asylum. After officers referred Mendez-Maldonado to the Passport Control Unit, a records check revealed that Mendez-Maldonado has a full outstanding warrant for a rape charge out of New Orleans, Louisiana, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Mendez-Maldonado had previous arrests in Wisconsin for trespassing, and Louisiana for resisting an officer, simple battery, and disturbing city council charges.

“I am proud of our CBP officer’s dedication by intercepting this individual in denying him further opportunities to prey on our communities within the U.S.,” said Area Port Director Michael Humphries. “This incident is a prime example of how the Office of Field Operations plays a key role in keeping our country safe.”


  1. take him out into the sand and put a bullet into his head. Leave him for the predators to feed off of.

  2. There are hundreds of these guys
    Just do your research on the country they comme from
    Some of the woman arent any better
    The child abuse and death rate is high there. lack of human life and morals disgusting haveing so many more here. We have enough on our plate to deal with then to have these voodo worshipers here
    Yes sounds horriable but a bullet sounds like the best remedy Sure he has and like him have thrown 6 yr old lil girls or boys away like trash.
    That smirk on his face makes me sick

  3. Maybe Isabella Garcia will represent him for free. What a blessing she is to Pima County. NOT!

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