Eloy Police Stop Man Driving With His Dead Wife In Passenger Seat

eloy police

An Oklahoma man, Rodney Puckett, is in custody after his vehicle was pulled over in Eloy and police discovered his dead wife in the passenger seat.

Eloy Police Detective Adam Edmonds conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in the area of Toltec Road and Interstate 10 on May 13, 2019. Detective Edmonds discovered that the 70-year-old Puckett, an Oklahoma native, was traveling through Arizona with his dead wife sitting in the passenger seat.

According to Puckett, his 74-year-old wife Linda died at a hotel in Texas. During the trip he moved her body to their vehicle and continued travelling towards their destination in California.

Ms. Puckett’s body was turned over to the Pinal County Medical Examiner’s Office in order to determine the cause of death.

Eloy Police say they are working with Texas law enforcement to determine if the death was a result of a homicide.

Puckett was booked into the Pinal County Jail for the charge of abandonment or concealment of a body. According to Eloy Police, additional charges may be filed at a later date,


  1. He didn’t abandon nor hide the body; she was in the passenger seat right beside him! Need a better description or another law for this level of uniqueness. I wonder if he is not fully there, like couldn’t figure out what he should do. Maybe this was his wife’s dream trip & he didn’t want her to miss it?

  2. Sounds like the National Lampoon’s Vacation
    movie. He kept her inside the car instead of
    on the roof to reduce gasoline consumption.

    But seriously; you hope it’s just the act of
    someone who is in shock, and not someone who
    intentionally harmed his elderly spouse.

  3. Sounds like the golden trifecta of elder mental decline might be in play: dementia, senility and Alzheimer’s.
    Perhaps to Mr. Puckett it all made perfect sense at the time.

    The Oracle

  4. Maybe he was ultimately headed to Tucson because he thought she should run for a seat on Tucson City Clowncil or be on the County Bored of Stuporvisors.

  5. Well he was found Nakkked,well almost guess he had underwear on she was Nakked also.
    Again mental decline yes,, and also illegal drugs. Its hard to think at first about drugs because of his age but just 20 yrs ago Meth and other shitty drugs were around which made him only 50,, so I still say 9 out ten times its a illegal substance
    thats behind these drugs
    Hell guys here in Az alone they have arrested plenty of Senior citizens for dealing illegal drugs Remember getting old doesnt stop from being a drug addict ‘
    These drugs now and those 20 yrs ago are the same They dont have a time limit on them, nither do the users. Some dont get wiser with age. Hope I am wrong but not likely

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