Medical Freedom in the Land of the Free

I attended the Medical Freedom March in Phoenix this past weekend. I posted the picture above to my Facebook page along with some others that I took at the rally.

In pretty quick order a Facebook “pro-vaxxer” posted “Vaccinate your children!”then went on to imply that I actually developed my opinion about vaccines because of a poster, albeit a clever poster, in the 10 seconds it took to snap the picture. That it is not an unfamiliar accusation from the pro-vaxxer crowd that anti-vaxxers, or more appropriately in many cases, FORMER-vaxxers haven’t done their due diligence or are too dumb to understand the research and what they witnessed happening to their own children – which makes it all the more insulting. Isn’t it ironic that “pro-vaxxers” demand every child be vaccinated while “anti/former-vaxxers” don’t demand any parent not vaccinate their child(ren)?

Let’s set aside the medical debate i.e. what tests have/haven’t been conducted, what they do or don’t “prove” or the fact that the U.S. has the highest infant mortality rate of comparable countries or that asthma and allergies are rampant among our children (creating ever more demand for inhalers and epi-pens (whose cost is skyrocketing – cha-ching for the pharmaceuticals) but I digress) or autism and chronic illnesses among our children are spiraling out of control or that cancer, once considered an “old person’s” disease is now taking down our children; or the effect of injecting vaccines directly into the blood stream circumventing the natural immune system; the arguments over the effectiveness of “herd immunity” etc. etc.

Rather let’s take a look at the vaccine industry from the legal standard of a “reasonable expectation.” What do/should we, as reasonable citizens, reasonable expect of the vaccine industry compared to every other industry? What should we reasonable expect from companies with which we choose to do business versus those that are very proactively trying to impose their products upon us against our will?

Is it reasonable to expect that pregnant women – at least those who don’t murder their babies in utero (or after birth in the case of New York and Virginia) do everything possible to give birth to a healthy baby?  

As a society, in a perfect world, we reasonably expect that a pregnant woman doesn’t smoke or expose herself and her baby to secondhand smoke; doesn’t drink alcohol or abuse drugs – prescription or illicit, doesn’t eat fish all for the safety and well-being of her developing baby. Likewise, we reasonable expect new mom’s will breastfeed and, again, won’t smoke, drink, abuse drugs or eat things that will be unhealthy if transferred into their breast milk – only the absolute purest for these precious newborns. But after all that the vaccine industry expects she will then hand over her baby to be shot up with the Hepatitis B within the first day of life – just in case baby Johnny and Janie decide to have sex in the nursery or shoot up something in addition to the HepB vaccine. It seems like in no time at all it’s time for baby’s two month check-up. The current CDC schedule “recommends” that the two month old infant be injected with SEVEN, most being live, attenuated viruses (eight – if the doctor includes the HepB booster) and all the “inactive” ingredients those vaccines contain. Never mind reasonable expectation, common sense alone should tell us this is neither safe nor healthy for any human being – never mind such fragile, young babies.

Is it reasonable to expect that medical professionals provide parents complete information about any and all medical procedures being imposed upon their children?

Several bills this legislative session intended to do just that. HB2471/SB1115 required parents be – shudder – provided information – such as the potential risks of vaccinations; the ingredients and the CDC’s Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary of “inactive” ingredients in vaccines.

HB2472/SB1116 directs that parents, once again, be – provided information – about the “Antibody Titer Test,” which tests for natural immunity. Medical professionals are not compelled to administer the test – only to make patients/parents aware it is available.

But apparently, our legislators don’t think it reasonable. All of these bills were defeated or held in committee and even if they had passed out of the legislature the governor pledged his veto.

What other medical procedure would you expose your child(ren) to without knowing all the benefits and risks – even if the procedure is medically necessary and completely unavoidable?

Is it a reasonable expectation that the vaccine industry has complete impunity and have its own independent legal system unlike any and every other industry in the United States?

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act passed by the United States Congress established in 1986 The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which gives the vaccine industry complete immunity (pun intended) from any and all harm inflicted by their products. Since pharmaceutical companies were absolved of responsibility for the safety of their vaccines the CDC “recommended schedule” exploded from 22 doses of 7 vaccines by age 6 to an outrageous 50 doses of 14 by age 6; all without liability, all without appropriate safety testing. But I suppose that is to be expected when there are huge profits to be made at no risk.

The Vaccine Injury Court also created in 1986, is a court in which the GOVERNMENT essentially defends a private industry against the citizens injured by that industry’s products. Did the government defend Monsanto against the aggrieved consumers? Of course not, because thankfully Monsanto and all other industries have not been given the “get out of jail free” card with which the vaccine industry has been gifted.  Unlike the vaccine companies, Monsanto (or its parent company) will be paying the settlements to the injured parties from their corporate profits or assets unlike the vaccine industry. A tax is imposed on every dose of vaccines sold (meaning the taxpayers or medical insurance pays) to create the fund which has paid out over $4 BILLION since its creation to compensate people who can’t possibly be injured because vaccines are completely safe. Whether its government, or in this case the vaccine industry, people are always willing to expend OP(iu)M (other people’s money).

Is it reasonable to expect that all industries selling or imposing their products upon our citizens be held to similar requirements for appropriately testing the safety of their products prior to going to market?

The safety and research requirements are different not only from other industries but for Big Pharma itself depending on whether the product being peddled is a drug or a vaccine. Drugs, cosmetics, child safety seats, the list of consumer products that have mandated safety testing is virtually endless. Vaccines? Not so much.

Is it surprising to realize that an industry that spends more money by far than any other industry lobbying on the federal and state level gets what it wants from OUR elected representatives?

As exemplified in the spiraling costs of prescription drugs and efforts to mandate vaccinations from the federal and state level. Job #1 of elected representatives, federal or state, is to get re-elected. Over the past decade Big Pharma has “invested” over $2.5 BILLION lobbying and funding Congressional members. There are 1,274 registered industry lobbyists in DC or 2+ lobbyists for every member of Congress

Is it surprising that an industry that spends more money on advertising than it does on research exercises an inordinate amount of influence over the MSM messaging about vaccines?

Since Direct-to-Consumer-Advertising (DTCA) began in earnest in the mid-1990s we have been inundated with an endless onslaught of Big Pharma ads “convincing” us we “need” an ever growing number of drugs or vaccines – for every illness known or created (and BTW, measles, mumps, chicken pox are illnesses NOT diseases). According to CBS News in 2016 9 out 10 of the largest Big Pharma companies spent more on advertising than research; since 2014 20 brand name drugs quadrupled in price, 60 doubled – just a coincidence no doubt. In 2016, with DTCA reaching $10 Billion is it any wonder networks bow at the altar of the pharmaceuticals and their messaging – even in alleged “news” reporting.

Let me be clear, even if proven to be 100% safe, which is not the case, first and foremost we must always support the rights of all parents to refuse to inject vaccines into their child(ren) or themselves for that matter. First we kill our babies. Oh, but it’s a woman’s choice – until it is not such as in the case of China. With the addition of my home state – New Jersey (a great place to be FROM) – we now have 8 states and the District of Columbia that allow “physician-assisted” suicide. How long will it be until it goes from something the government “allows” to something it “mandates?” Once we allow our seniors and disabled to be “voluntarily” euthanized (except in the tragic case of Terry Shiavo who was inhumanly sentenced to be starved to death over 8 days by the order of the government. But I digress again) how long will it be until we mandate it for medical expediency and cost savings? Not unheard of in even non-communist countries around the world. Could all of this become possible if we allow forced vaccinations to be imposed on our citizens?  History teaches us that Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot thought it perfectly acceptable to mandate bullets be “injected” into their own citizens. It is a very slippery slope indeed. When government goes from being the protector of our rights to the grantor of our rights and begins forcibly mandating what we must, under penalty of law, put into our most private, personal possession – our bodies – God protect us, anything becomes possible.

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