Under His Skin: Sunday’s Comic

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Talking Point Alert: Pelosi Gets Under Trump’s Skin
BY: David Rutz

Reporters and anchors were eager to tout Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D., Calif.) ability to get under President Donald Trump’s “skin” following their brief, testy White House meeting on Wednesday.

Trump abruptly left an infrastructure meeting with Pelosi and other Democratic leaders on Wednesday, saying he wouldn’t do business with them while being investigated. In response to Pelosi’s accusation that his White House was orchestrating a “cover-up” by not complying with various subpoenas, Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden, “I don’t do cover-ups.”

The press loved the acidic exchanges—Pelosi later said she would pray for Trump—and the “skin” talking point took hold quickly. On CNN and MSNBC alone, the Washington Free Beacon counted at least 19 examples of a variation of the phrase being used in just 24 hours.

“Why does Nancy Pelosi get under the president’s skin so much?” MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson asked White House official Marc Short on Thursday.

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