Majority Leader Rick Gray, GOP Senate Leadership Kills Arizona Term Limits Push

Senators Karen Fann and Rick Gray.

In spite of widespread support for Congressional Term Limits, GOP leadership in the State Senate killed a term limits bill for the second consecutive year. Last year Senate President Steve Yarbrough refused to bring the bill up for a vote in spite of it having majority support and in spite of promising to allow the vote. Yarbrough had even indicated that he would vote for the bill and had supported previous measures that included term limits.

This year the same game was played by Senate President Karen Fann, who signed a pledge to the voters of her district to help pass term limits, yet blocked the bill from coming to the floor in spite of having support from a majority of members. Two Senators indicated that the problem wasn’t Fann personally but rather was Republican Majority Leader Rick Gray who was opposed to term limits and wanted the bill killed. They indicated that Fann was “taking a bullet” for Gray. The other two Republicans who had declared their opposition were David Farnsworth and Eddie Farnsworth. Notably, three Democrat State Senators had also signed pledges to support the bill, giving the bill a two-vote cushion for passage, although Democratic Senator Andrea Dalessandro had indicated that she would break her pledge if the bill came up for a vote.

Polling has shown that more than 80% of voters support term limits for members of Congress but Congress will never take steps to limits its own terms. That means that the limits must originate with “we the people”, which is precisely what US Term Limits has been working to do in various states. Arizona was seen as a likely state to join the cause given the broad support for the measure and the state’s history of support for Article V efforts, but having Republican leadership step in to protect the Washington DC status quo for two straight years is an obvious setback to the effort. At this point it is unclear if another effort will be made in 2020, but voters in Fann’s and Gray’s district should take note.


  1. LAZY voters is what the problem is. Also they only follow the party line, not caring what is good for the state, county or COUNTRY. Thats why they want term limits, so they dont have to do anything like VOTE.

    It is a known fact that the people who dont think think their elected officials (cant call any of them leaders, as I would not follow them to the latrine to help them find their way) are not the problem! Its always the other guy, well the other guy in our are is the toad and all the rest of the democraps and rinos in positions of influence. They only know how to self protect and follow the orders of their OWNERS who are not the people.

  2. We HAVE term limits. VOTE THE BUMS OUT! It’s easy to sit on our collective butts and complain instead of getting out there, finding a candidate and working for them. I’m already working for a candidate in CD2 to replace Kirkpatrick. Brandon Martin is worth the work. Check him out and come join us.

  3. There is a term limits clause in the AZ state constitution that was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court decision “U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, 514 U.S. 779, a case in which the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that states cannot impose qualifications for prospective members of the U.S. Congress stricter than those specified in the Constitution”. The only way to ensure terms limits is with a Constitutional ammendment, which is why the Article V ammendment process is so important.

  4. We should all support term limits for congress. Look at how well it is working in Arizona.

  5. WE, the people, don’t have enough say in running OUR country! Another issue is pay raises. WE,their bosses, should get to say whether or not they get one!

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